Website & Email Surveys for Pardot

An all-in-one customer survey software integrated with Salesforce Pardot

  • Uncover insights to improve your conversion rate.
  • Grade Prospects against your Profile faster.
  • Hand-off Prospects with insights to your sales team.
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remove the guesswork with surveys integrated with Pardot

Remove the guesswork with surveys integrated with Pardot

Base your business decisions on customer insights to improve operations and find new drivers of growth.

  • Improve your website usability and your conversion rate.
  • Research satisfaction and NPS to greatly improve the customer experience.

Grade your Prospects faster with surveys

Fill out Prospects’ fields with quick surveys across visits. With response rates up to 60% you will do it in no time.

  • Collect Prospect information not only when they download gated content.
  • Reduce the number of fields in your forms to increase yourconversion rate.
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website surveys integrated with Pardot
pardot survey - synchronizing answers

Insights for campaign personalization and sales

Unlike forms, surveys seem anonymous – people are more willing to share objections and motivations.

  • Create targeted nurturing programs and drip campaigns for Prospects uncovering their challenges and hesitations.
  • Equip your sales team with insights helping them with their first call or deal closing.
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Segment and qualify anonymous visitors

Answers collected from anonymous visitors across many visits are available in Pardot once they convert.

  • Collect more Prospect data in the time gap between the very first visit and conversion.
  • Guide visitors to dedicated content based on insights they share so they can convert faster.
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send answers from surveys straight to Pardot
survey logic

Get deeper feedback with follow-up questions

Get deeper into uncovered needs and issues to see ‘the why’ behind answers.

  • Ask one or a series of follow-up questions for deeper feedback and insights.
  • Use skip logic to show different questions based on previous answers.
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Set up surveys once
get thousands of
answers every day.

You will be up and running in a matter of seconds. You can launch an unlimited number of surveys on multiple domains, from a single account.