NPS Surveys for Marketo

Run Net Promoter Score® surveys and send answers straight to Marketo.

  • Survey different groups of leads and customers on your website and via email.
  • Use answers collected to segment them in Marketo and create personalized experiences.
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website nps survey for marketo

Research NPS on your website & in-app

Uncover in-the-moment insights with quick, unobtrusive website NPS surveys that appear precisely when you want them to.

  • Target surveys based on user behavior or sources of traffic.
  • Reach anonymous users or those who don’t answer your emails.
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Use NPS email surveys in your automated Marketo email communication

Use Survicate surveys in your Marketo email templates and to make measuring NPS an integral part of your email communication.

  • Distribute Net Promoter Score surveys to precise groups of leads or customers in your email campaigns.
  • Use skip logic to ask unlimited follow-up questions and get deeper insights.
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marketo nps e-mail survey
marketo nps survey analysis

Analyze your NPS
in real time

Calculate your Net Promoter Score and track progress in time.

  • Get daily, weekly and monthly NPS reports to your inbox.
  • Analyze answers to follow-up questions to discover the ‘Why’ behind scores.
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Collect data and build segments

Survicate enables you to collect survey responses and send them straight to profiles in Marketo as lead fields or activities. Use them to build more precise segments and trigger personalized messages to boost customer engagement and satisfaction.

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build segments in Marketo
benefits of running nps surveys with Marketo

Benefits are endless

Survicate NPS surveys for Marketo allow you to:

  • Track both transactional and relationship NPS.
  • Spot dissatisfied customers before they churn.
  • Segment users by Net Promoter Score to trigger personalized email campaigns.
  • Build closer relationships with Promoters and turn them into brand ambassadors.
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