Survicate surveys for Marketo

Website and email surveys integrated with Marketo.
Improve conversion and accelerate the sales process by enriching Marketo data with customer insights.

customer feedback surveys and analysis

automated customer satisfaction survey

Automate your customer satisfaction programs

Increase renewals and referral business using automated surveys to collect and sync direct feedback back to your Marketo database.

  • Measure customer satisfaction and follow-up with customers to nurture renew.
  • Automate your Net Promoter Score® to identify brand advocates and ask them for referrals.
  • Learn what matters most to your customers to market new products and services.

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Personalize lead nurturing campaigns

Ask prospects and customers about their job function, decision-making process, areas of interest, and how they prefer to consume content.

  • Trigger Smart Campaigns based on survey responses.
  • Segment prospects and build Smart Lists using survey feedback.
  • Drive conversion, adoption, and usage with customized follow-up from sales and support.
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personalize lead nurturing campaings with survey answers
lead qualification survey integrated with marketo

Profile & qualify leads faster

Collect prospect and customer feedback inside your Marketo
database. Use this data to develop customer personas, score
leads, and prioritize them for sales.

  • See your survey feedback in context with your prospect and customer data stored in Marketo.
  • Use advanced surveys and logic to collect better data.
  • Score leads using survey feedback and track their lead source.
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Generate more leads and promote content

Use skip logic to show different calls to action, contact forms or redirect website visitors to most suitable content.

  • Increase your lead generation capability on your website with targeted, conditional contact forms.
  • Aplify your content by showing different calls to action based on respondents’ answers.
  • Redirect respondents to landing pages or specific articles to speed up the buying process.
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generate leads and promote content with surveys
survey visitors before they convert into leads

Prequalify your anonymous visitor

Survicate enables you to run precisely targeted surveys on your website even among anonymous visitors, your potential leads.

  • Ask for information that are difficult to get with forms (budget, timing, competition considered).
  • Utilize the time frame between the very first visit and actual lead conversion.
  • Engage them with built-in website calls to action to guide them to conversion points based on answers.
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Collect and act upon insights throughout customer journey

  • Trigger survey

    Send surveys with automated triggers based on your visitor’s, prospect’s or customer’s actions.

  • Sync in real-time

    Map survey questions to Marketo to send responses in real-time as attributes and activities.

  • Analyze results

    See real-time feedback automatically update within your Marketo database, and use this data to create Smart Lists and reports.

  • Take actions

    Automate your follow-up actions like lead scoring, assigning or campaigns with workflows and notifications.

connect survey questions with Marketo lead fields

Connect survey questions with lead fields

The integration works on a question level – you just need to choose lead field from the list in Survicate.

  • Decide how you want to have your data sent to Marketo with survey answer label mapping.
  • Every single response is being recorded and send to Marketo – even without full survey submission.
  • You can link questions from multiple surveys to the same fields. You can save your questions with mapping in your library.
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Send survey responses as Marketo activities

Survicate generates Marketo activities upon survey responses in real-time.

  • No additional configuration required – Survicate creates custom activity types for questions.
  • You can decide whether or not you want to create an activity on a question level.
  • You can use activities for creating Smart lists, trigger campaigns and other automation rules.
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send survey responses as Marketo events

It’s amazing how many customers are responding to our surveys. For every dollar we spend on a Survicate subscription, we generate about $25 in additional revenue.

Michael / Head of Marketing at Looka

Michael, head of marketing at Looka

Survicate surveys for Marketo.

Improve conversion and accelerate sales process by enriching Marketo data with customer insights.

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