Surveys for Help Scout

All-in-one customer survey tool integrated with Help Scout.

  • Collect feedback from your customers.
  • Constantly increase their satisfaction to boost growth.
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Help Scout survey embedded in an email

Use surveys in your conversations with customers

Add Survicate one-click surveys to emails sent via Help Scout and give voice to your customers.

  • Research crucial metrics including Net Promoter Score庐, Customer Effort Score, and Customer Satisfaction Score.
  • Gain in-the-moment insights right after finished conversations.
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Use questionnaires to get in-depth customer feedback

Create and distribute questionnaires that people will actually fill out.

  • Send a link to your customers via email, messenger, social media or place it in your articles.
  • Research customer satisfaction or run advanced product usage surveys for actionable insights.
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customer feedback survey integrated with Help Scout
benefits of surveys for Help Scout

Benefits are endless

Survicate Help Scout surveys allow you to improve customer experience by enabling you to:

  • Find out what your customers value the most with your support processes.
  • Segment your customers based on their Net Promoter Score庐.
  • Discover how customers assess communication your support agents.
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Our Customers love us

In 2016 our Customers collected over 18 million responses. According to G2 Crowd and our Customers reviews Survicate was rated 4.8 out of 5 stars, becoming one of the best survey tools available on the market.

G2 Crowd rating of 4.8 / 5. Read reviews.
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Why you should choose Survicate to run surveys with Help Scout

Help Scout is a powerful customer support tool. Make surveys an integral part of your conversations managed with Help Scout to get to know your customers better and find their pain points. Add Survicate surveys to emails sent with Help Scout and start collecting feedback from your customers in no time. All responses are tied to email addresses of respondents, so you can reach out to them and offer personal help.

Survicate is powerful yet easy to use – you鈥檒l create your first survey in no more than 3 minutes, and no technical skills are required to use Survicate Help Scout surveys. Create a free account and see how Survicate surveys can work for you!