Survicate one-click email surveys

One-Click Email Surveys

Collect feedback via email and messages. Your customers will answer your question with just one click or a single tap of a finger.

  • Send one-click email surveys to collect feedback, ask for opinions, segment your customers or research NPS.
  • All answers are tied to the email addresses – you don’t have to ask about them in a survey ever again.

Share your survey within seconds

You can easily send your one-click survey with integrated services or personal email providers and recognize respondents with their email addresses.

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Integrated services

Personal email providers & web services

Create and share your surveys easily

Create surveys from scratch or choose one from our collection of over 100 proven templates.

  • Use a single selection, Net Promoter Score or Smiley scale question.
  • Copy and paste your survey to email and start collecting answers in seconds.
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one-click email surveys creation
one-click email survey analytical dashboard

Collect actionable feedback and new insights

Access your responses in real time with a friendly and powerful reporting module. Make more informed decisions based on your survey results.

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Uncover everything
you need to know

  • How likely are you to recommend our company to a friend?
  • How can we improve our newsletter?
  • How satisfied are you with the trial so far?
  • What discouraged you from using our mobile app?
  • Why did you cancel your account?
  • How satisfied were you with our customer support?
  • Which of our features need the most improvement?

Our Customers love us

In 2017, our Customers have collected over 60 million responses. Read some of their reviews.

  • It is incredible how fast you can collect feedback with Survicate. We started getting answers within minutes and response rate as high as 58%. Recommended.

    John Bilyk

    CEO at Laurent Coster

  • I can’t recommend it enough. I tried several other tools before Survicate and this one by far blows the others away when it comes to features, implementation and support.

    Eric Splitt

    Entrepreneur | Audio Engineer

  • Survicate is a great, full-featured app. Support is highly responsive – measured in minutes/hours, not days. For an e-commerce site, post cart conversion survey has told us volumes about things in the site experience that need to be improved.

    Jason Yau

    Director of Digital Marketing & Analytics at Colorescience

  • As I am a functional guy, I use Survicate to understand the needs of clients before and after the project delivery. It has helped in getting more precise information from the clients and strengthening our bonds for future projects.

    Arran Corey

    Chartered Accountant at McKinsey & Company

  • Survicate is an easy to use tool that allows us to collect NPS (Net Promoter Score) data on our website. We had a company-wide goal to reach an NPS score of 50% in 2015 which we easily achieved.

    Charles Deayton

    Marketing Communications Manager at UBT North America

Integrate with your favourite marketing tools

Survicate integrates seamlessly with the most popular marketing applications – no technical skills or 3rd party connectors required.