Feedback Hub + Intercom

Keep track of customer feedback in Intercom and all other communication channels – in one place. Discover trends and focus your efforts on what’s truly important to your audience.

Feedback Hub Intercom Source
Analysis in Feedback Hub

Capture feedback from everyday conversations in Intercom

  • Send specific parts of conversations from Intercom to Feedback Hub with a single click. Never miss out on important feedback again.
  • Enrich your data with historical records from Intercom. Select specific tagged conversations and transfer them to Feedback Hub– within seconds.
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Organize your feedback easily

  • Say no to manual work in Excel – use tags and automation rules to bring together all insights around one topic.
  • Find what you need within seconds with filters. Search through sources, tags, keywords, people, and more. No need to go through whole Intercom conversations anymore!
  • Bring your team’s attention to the most important part of the message with highlighting option.
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Feedback Hub Automation Rules
Feedback Hub Sources

Centralize and act upon user feedback

  • Integrate with other communication tools or add feedback manually to discover most discussed topics across all channels.
  • Innovate through insights from your audience and drive customer experience.
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