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Rapid Insights, Striking Completion Rate - How Survicate Helps With Product Development at Workwise

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To develop a product means to iterate endlessly. It’s a continuous road to perfection leading through users and their feedback. 

Get on the ride with Workwise’s Product Manager, Alessa Fleischer, to see how they boosted this process with Survicate’s surveys. Learn how Workwise’s Product Team uses Survicate, including one cunning way of implementing our in-product surveys.

What is Workwise

Workwise is a fast-growing company that brings job seekers and employers together through a digital solution.

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It is an intuitive and modern job platform where the best employers can be found by job seekers. For companies – especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) – Workwise provides services and tools that simplify and automate all recruiting process steps. In Germany, SMEs constitute 99% of the market; presumably, 70% struggle with their recruitment processes [source]. 

Workwise makes talent acquisition and job search simple, accessible, and transparent.

Why Survicate

Workwise understands they can only achieve a flawless user journey with user feedback. That’s why its Product Team employed Survicate a couple of years ago. 

“We wanted to get more information about our users and integrate them into our product and discovery work. So finding out what the users' problems actually were and what the users needed was crucial to us.”

Alessa Fleischer, Product Manager at Workwise

Effortless survey software ✅

As they already had tracking and session recording tools, they were looking specifically for a survey tool. 

“We needed a tool that covered the topic of surveys, for example, email surveys or in-product surveys. Something that would be very easy for us to set up, that also didn't have a limit on users and everything. So the relevant people could use it right away,” 

Alessa Fleischer, Product Manager at Workwise

Data privacy ✅

A company that deals with personal data needs to take appropriate measures to protect it. Especially in the European Union (EU), with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Workwise needed software that was located and stored data in the EU—“and that's where a lot of tools were out,” Alessa recalls. 

Survicate ensures full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Our headquarters operate within the European Union, making us subject to the GDPR and any additional EU data protection amendments.

When you select Survicate, you fulfill your obligations under Article 28 of the GDPR by collaborating with a Data Processor that implements suitable technical and organizational measures and pseudonymization techniques to safeguard the rights of data subjects.

We help you in meeting your GDPR obligations, including deleting personal data and collecting and storing evidence of consent.

Survicate was actually the first tool that we found and that we really liked,”

says Alessa, and with all the boxes ticked off, Workwise went forward and employed Survicate full-time. 

Product Feedback

Precise customer feedback is like air to breathe for any product manager. It is no different for Alessa. Her team regularly sets up in-product surveys that target specific actions of the applicants in the user flow.

The big advantage of Survicate is that it's very easy to set up. We have custom templates tailored to our needs, so it's just a few clicks to start getting user feedback. We just set the surveys online, wait a couple of hours, and within this time we’re able to gather valuable feedback that we continue to work with.
Alessa Fleischer
Product Manager at Workwise

So, how does Workwise’s Product Team use Survicate in-product?

Well, it depends on the angle, of course. If they want to get feedback from customers viewing new applications, for example, they can ask:

  • If they like the information presented to them;
  • If anything’s missing;
  • What they’d want to see there.

If the product team wants to see how the users follow the journey, they’ll enquire about the following:

  • Users’ next steps; 
  • What they’d like to see on their dashboard;
  • What they’d like to achieve.

You get the drift. “It's targeting certain aspects of the page, certain URLs, and certain actions of the user,” Alessa sums up. 

With this granular approach, Workwise’s Product Team can spot any gap, missing feature, or flaw in the user journey in order to constantly improve it. Apart from those specific product-related questions, there’s space for free expression. 

“We usually use a couple of yes/no and multiple choice questions. Additionally,  there are also optional input fields to collect free feedback.” 

The Product Team shares a folder with all the surveys and their analyses. This way, customer feedback doesn’t end up in silos but is spread among, and—“everyone can benefit from it,” Alessa concludes.

Feature update challenge

While going in-depth with the customer feedback, Alessa and her team noticed that the rollout of new functionality to the customers was as crucial as getting their initial ideas. The challenge here was more about communication rather than the product itself. 

“We were so focused on the development and rollout of new functions that, in some cases, customers were not aware of the new functionalities we had already implemented. It was important for us to communicate changes to our customers right as they happened, so they could adapt to new features. And also for us, so we could collect valuable user feedback.”

Alessa Fleischer, Product Manager at Workwise

The challenge to better reach the users and—at the same time—using the resources they already had, led to a genuine solution. 

“We regularly use Survicate for important feature updates. If we have new features or functionalities on the platform, a little pop-up tells you: ‘Hey, we just launched this new feature. Would you like to know more about it? And then we just link to our Help Center or the specific page where it can be found.”
Alessa Fleischer
Product Manager at Workwise

At this point, Workwise doesn’t need a more complex tool, and Survicate does the job just nicely. Alessa and her team considered various solutions—one thing they were sure about, they didn’t want to overwhelm their users with too many email notifications. They also didn’t want to put the job on personal account managers, as it’d be quite an effort to communicate new releases every time they’re out. 

“Maybe at some point, we’ll go for a custom solution, but right now, we’re happy with this one. It helps us test and evaluate whether our users adopt the features and if they click on them. Using Survicate is helpful because I can see how many people click the button, and that’s a valuable insight.

Alessa Fleischer, Product Manager at Workwise

NPS survey for trends and insights

Workwise uses Survicate to collect different kinds of customer feedback. That’s why the Product Team diversifies the distribution methods as well. They go for in-app surveys for pinpoint product feedback, but they use email surveys for more general, trend-measuring feedback—such as the NPS. 

Alessa explains 

The NPS is an email survey because we don't want it to pop up on the platform and be connected with a random user action. We aim for general user feedback. We send it as an email because it allows us to customize the survey a bit more. So we can ask for a lot more detailed feedback. And it's much easier if we have it as a whole page instead of just in-product.”

The company measures NPS to check user satisfaction flow over time. They use an email survey with the first question embedded directly into the email. It makes it an opener to reach for more qualitative feedback ensuring, on the one hand—a solid response rate as the NPS is collected upon the user’s click and, on the other—giving users more space to add insights when they get to the rest of the link survey. 

The NPS survey also helps in choosing the right users to interview. Based on their feedback, Workwise’s Product Team can reach out to users that can bring interesting points of view to the table

“Thanks to the NPS survey, we can narrow down the users we’d like to interview. We contact the people via email, asking if they’d like to go into even more detail. After that, we set up specific calls to learn more about their journey. It gave us valuable information. Many times, we received feedback about a topic we were currently working on.”

Alessa Fleischer, Product Manager at Workwise

Sharing is caring

A little bonus point in feedback management that Workwise does is continuously sharing insights with the team and company peers. Something crucial for any customer-centric organization, yet often let go due to teams’ siloing.

When we get relevant feedback, we forward it. We tag all the relevant people in our analysis, so they can contact the company and learn more. And if it was positive feedback, it's just nice to know. It's always motivating to get positive feedback.” 

Alessa Fleischer, Product Manager at Workwise

Unlimited team seats effect

With the unlimited team seats that Survicate offers, pitching the customer-centric approach within the company is easier. And then there’s the ease of setting it up, which is just another factor that makes Survicate spread like wildfire among organizations. 

One team starts using it, gets the first results, turns it into continuous customer feedback, and—suddenly, some followers want to try surveys in their area of expertise. 

Workwise confirms it. Apart from the Product Team, their Marketing now also uses Survicate. 

Surveys turned out to be an efficient way to get feedback about the website content—“how the users perceive it, and also what they wish for, what kind of content they like, or what is missing.” 

Interestingly, they also adopted a creative way of communicating with Workwise’s users via in-app pop-ups. It helps to spread the news about upcoming events, such as webinars or podcasts. 

Wrapping up

Developing a product is a process, the trick is to understand the users are the critical stakeholders. Workwise uses Survicate to collect continuous feedback in various ways:

  • With micro surveys inside the app to diagnose specific challenges the users may have in precise touchpoints.
  • With a more comprehensive email survey containing the NPS, Workwise collects continuous user feedback that helps measure trends. It also narrows down a user group that the Product Team interviews for more detailed insights. 

This way, the Product Team keeps in touch with Workwise’s users shaping the application to their real needs. 

On the other hand, the power of continuous customer feedback conquers other teams, making strategic decisions based on insights and not guesswork. 

Start collecting customer feedback today and see the product development. Just sign up and make your first survey with Survicate.


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