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How Hitta Improved Its NPS by 35% with Survicate

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Companies constantly seek new ways to understand and improve their customers' experiences in today's digital age. 

One such company, Hitta, a well-known search engine and directory in Sweden, has successfully harnessed the power of Survicate to gain valuable insights into customer satisfaction and drive meaningful changes within the organization.

About Hitta

Founded in 2004, is a Swedish online platform that helps people connect with private persons, businesses and services. It provides users with streamlined access to comprehensive information on companies, addresses, and contact details. Renowned for enhancing user experiences, Hitta fosters community connectivity and simplifies the accessibility of personal data online.

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Understanding customer sentiment with Survicate

It all started when Hitta realized that understanding customer sentiment was crucial for its growth and success. The company began to measure Net Promoter Score (NPS) to get a baseline of how its customers perceived it along with the customer journey. 

When we started collecting feedback from our customers, we already knew there was space for improvement in our processes. Our clients showed us where to begin.

Alice Samuelsson, Product Manager at Hitta

In the long run, establishing the NPS baseline resulted in implementing many changes in the company processes. But before we jump to this part, let’s see how Hitta incorporated NPS into the customer journey. 

Hitta measures the NPS twice a year, on days 45 and 180. 

We chose the NPS because it’s more of a benchmark way of comparing with other types of businesses within the same area.
Alice Samuelsson
Product Manager at Hitta

Transactional customer satisfaction surveys (CSAT)

Apart from the NPS, Hitta measures customer satisfaction with CSAT surveys. They are sent whenever a customer interacts with someone from the customer-facing teams. 

We use CSAT surveys to evaluate our agents. We measure CSAT when customers report issues.  So, they will evaluate the agent handling the specific problem. We also do it for the Sales team—when they make a deal, we would like the customer to tell us "how satisfied are you with our sales representatives?"

Alice Samuelsson, Product Manager at Hitta

It helps to keep customer satisfaction levels from direct interactions with agents supervised, thus ensuring clients are happy with the day-to-day support.

Improving NPS with data-driven decisions

The impact of customer feedback on Hitta's operations has been profound. By measuring NPS and CSAT, Hitta can track customer satisfaction levels and make data-driven decisions to enhance their services.

Survicate is an extremely helpful software for Hitta. The core value we’re getting is the insights on our customers that assure us they have a happy journey with Hitta.
Alice Samuelsson
Product Manager at Hitta

Managing detractors

By leveraging Survicate, Hitta can actively engage with customers who provide negative feedback. 

The integration with their CRM system allowed them to identify detractors—the customers who gave a score between 0 and 6 to the NPS question. The Customer Service team contacts them to understand and address their concerns. After such personalized interaction, the system sends out another NPS survey.

This approach significantly improved Hitta’s NPS score, demonstrated a genuine commitment to customer satisfaction, and played a significant role in the company's journey towards achieving a more positive customer sentiment.

Implementing changes in the customer journey

Alice Samuelsson confirms that the company focused on understanding the feedback received through Survicate to drive tangible changes in the customer journey. 

One was implementing a welcome call for customers 30 days after their order. It ensures a seamless onboarding process and identifies any potential issues early on. It takes place 15 days before the first NPS survey is sent, so it gives Hitta’s teams time to address any problems the customers may have.


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