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Collect insights across user journey: from new, active and churned customers. Add email surveys to your campaigns, newsletters or product updates.
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Create email surveys that feel native
to the software you use

  • 10-day free trial of paid features
  • Set up in minutes
  • No credit card required

Get more users insights with email surveys

  • Uncover the reasons behind low engagement and high churn
  • Send surveys that users can answer whenever they want instead of waiting for them to visit the product
  • Reduce the clicks needed to leave feedback with questions embedded into the email to increase response rates
  • Automate recurring surveys in your CRM to get continuous feedback
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Save time on configuring an email survey

  • Use effective email Survey templates and Questions library always to ask the right questions
  • Create branded surveys with an intuitive editor in a few clicks
  • Add the first question to the email body without hassle - use automatically generated HTML code
  • Connect your tool stack with survey responses with native, no-code integrations
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Use email surveys to transform the Customer Experience

  • Understand customers better by analyzing full and partial responses linked to customer profiles
  • Keep up with new survey responses with condition-based email and Slack notification
  • Make data-driven decisions. Use a word cloud to summarize text responses
  • Uncover crucial insights with advanced filtering. Find responses from specific dates or users
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Set up your email surveys in 3 steps

Step 1: Adjust the look of your email survey

  • Get started with a free account. Create an email survey from scratch or a template
  • Set survey logic, different language versions and adjust the survey experience
  • Customize the 'thank you' actions to collect more reviews or redirect your users

Step 2: Configure your email survey and connect your tool stack

  • Collect anonymous responses or fetch customer data from your email tool
  • Integrate survey responses with your CRM, Marketing Automation and Collaboration software
  • Copy-paste your survey into your email template

Step 3: Act on feedback from email surveys

  • Track responses in real time. Preview completion rates, response rates, survey views and trends
  • Export results to CSV/XLS files or download PDF/PNG charts to share with the team
  • Close feedback loop: automate workflows and custom notifications to act on insights faster
“We started running surveys with Survicate within minutes and within budget, what a great value for money! In the past we needed multiple apps to get customer feedback. Now we have all we need with a single subscription.”
Luke Deka
Full Stack Developer at CrewScale
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Luke Deka
CEO and Founder at Growbots

Close the feedback loop from email surveys with native integrations

Automate email surveys and follow-up actions

  • Send responses to contact profiles as tags, attributes or properties
  • Segment users with survey data and launch effective marketing campaigns
  • Plan follow-up campaigns for unsatisfied users and prevent churn

Act on feedback immediately

  • Send survey responses as Intercom attributes or tags
  • Open Intercom chat on new text responses to discuss the feedback with the customer
  • Create Zendesk tickets after receiving negative feedback

Collaborate on new insights faster

  • Receive Slack or Microsoft Teams alerts to discuss feedback with the team
  • React immediately to negative feedback with conditional notifications
  • Share survey results with the team on Google Sheets updated in real-time

Send survey responses to any tools you use

  • Set custom automation with Zapier integration
  • Receive custom notifications whenever respondents interact with your surveys
  • Build custom integrations with your CRM, database or in-house solutions
“I love how the Survicate & Slack integration helps my team receive CSAT and NPS responses in real time and follow up immediately if needed. These responses are fed directly from the integration Survicate has with Zendesk!”
Brandon Zisa
Director of Client Success at Vestwell
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Brandon Zisa
Director of Client Success at Vestwell

Transform your business with customer feedback from email surveys

Collect insights about your product, service and customer experience by sending email feedback surveys. Understand your customers better and implement changes in your communication and marketing strategy. Empower your team to make data-driven decisions. Speed up growth by increasing loyalty and customer retention.
Collect more positive reviews
You can encourage more satisfied customers to leave an online review by embedding surveys into your emails. Configure logic settings and thank you screens with custom actions to ask Promoters and customers that love your product to share their opinion online. You can offer incentives such as discounts or gift cards to increase engagement.
Identify churn reasons easily
Send out email surveys to the customers that recently churned. Collect insights and a full understanding of the reasons they don’t want to use your product anymore. Use collected data to improve customer service, onboarding and activation processes or product to retain more customers in the future.
Improve onboarding experience
Make sure every new customer loves your product from the beginning. Survey users after creating an account to check if you can help them with the first steps. By embedding a survey in an email or sending a follow-up survey email, you can learn more about their experience and identify areas for improvement.
Track post-purchase satisfaction
Send embedded surveys after purchase to asses customer experience and predict future buy intent. Ask about their satisfaction and quality of customer service. Track trends over time to check if implemented changes have helped you increase customer satisfaction.
Learn more about your customer needs
Get to know your target audience and use data to plan your customer communication and messaging strategy. Gain valuable insights into what your customers are looking for and plan a data-driven strategy.
Identify friction in product
Collect product feedback with email surveys and help your team prioritize the next changes. Use insights about your customers and their experience to build the best product and achieve business goals faster.
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