See latest NPS scores and other survey responses in Intercom Inbox

Add the Survicate Inbox App for Intercom to easily access survey responses during Intercom conversations. Our new feature lets you view latest NPS scores and other survey responses right inside Intercom Inbox to better understand user issues.

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The Survicate Inbox App for Intercom – why you need it

Do you know this feeling when a customer reports a simple issue to your support team? You’ll fix it in no time, and it doesn’t seem to be a big deal. The customer, however, is clearly fed up. They start making complaints and even say your product and service are good for nothing.

Why are they so agitated? It can’t be because of that one minor issue they’ve reported! Well, if you had quick access to their NPS score and latest survey responses, you’d know it was just a straw that broke the camel’s back.

It so happens that customer gave you an NPS score of 4 recently which means they’ve experienced multiple problems with your product. The customer even expressed they were upset by answering other surveys you were running. If only you’d known that!

With a new feature we’ve released, you will know what feedback a user you’re talking to left you recently. Once you have quick access to the user’s latest survey responses, you can identify high-risk issues, or make happy customers even happier.

See latest NPS scores and survey responses – right in Intercom Inbox

Say hello to 👋  the Survicate Inbox App for Intercom. This new feature built right into the existing Survicate and Intercom integration lets you:

  • See the most recent NPS score and other survey responses during Intercom conversations to monitor customer health score
  • Go to the respondent’s profile in Survicate straight from Intercom Inbox
  • View users’ latest survey responses to get a better understanding of their issues
  • Identify users at risk of churn
  • Go to Survicate directly from Intercom Conversations to view other survey responses and spot patterns

If you add Survicate to a conversation view in Intercom, you won’t have to wonder why a specific customer is upset. When you have quick and easy access to your users’ latest survey responses, you can support them more effectively and always stay on top of customer expectations.

How to enable the Survicate Inbox App For Intercom

🔌  To enable the feature, make sure you’ve integrated Survicate with Intercom. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Once in Intercom, go to Inbox on the left-hand side
  2. Open an Intercom conversation, preferably with a user who answered your surveys in the past.
  3.  Click on Customize in the upper right-hand corner, select Add more and pick Survicate Surveys from the list.
  4. Wait until the app has loaded. Then click on Done.

How to use the Survicate Inbox App for Intercom?

It’s simple! Here’s what will happen when you click on the different sections of our Inbox App for Intercom:

Net Promoter Score – you’ll be taken to the respondent’s profile in Survicate.
Survey names under “Latest responses” – you’ll be taken to the respondent’s profile in Survicate.
“See more in Survicate” – you’ll be taken to the main dashboard of your Survicate account.

Here’s how the design of the Inbox App changes depending on whether a user is an NPS promoter, passive or detractor:

The Conversational Support Funnel

🎉  Intercom has recently introduced a new framework called the Conversational Support Funnel. It helps companies deliver fast and personal customer support.

We’re happy to let you know you can use Survicate surveys at each stage of the Conversational Support Funnel – from proactive support through self-serve to human support. More details and resources on how Survicate complements Intercom coming up soon!

Nicholas Podgórski

Nicholas is a Product Marketing Manager at Survicate. He loves running webinars and doing videos. Find him on LinkedIn.

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