How do recurring website surveys work?

Setting up a recurrence means that if someone has answered your survey or closed it without answering, you’ll be able to display the same survey again to them either instantly, daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly.

Why should I use recurring website surveys?

Giving survey respondents the ability to retake the same survey at a specific frequency has numerous advantages. Here are some of the benefits:

• Measuring customer satisfaction over time by running recurring CSAT or NPS surveys
• Collecting continuous website feedback for website-led growth
• Encouraging those who originally declined your survey to take it at a later time
• Understanding how the market changes the perception of your brand
• Tracking the overall user sentiment over time, and more!

Is the recurring website surveys feature free?

This feature is available on the Professional plan and higher. Feel free to talk with our Account Manager if you’d like to enable recurring website surveys as an add-on on a custom plan, or try it out for free.

How do I set up recurring website surveys?

To set up a recurrence on a specific website survey, follow the steps below:

1. Log in to your Survicate account.
2. From the main dashboard, pick a survey you’d like to make recurring. Then, click on Edit:

3. Click on Settings and then enable the toggle How often should this survey be displayed:

4. Set up a recurring by using the options below:

5. It’s done! As an example, if you selected Let the user take the survey multiple times on a recurring basis and then picked Weekly, this means the survey will be displayed to a single respondent every week, starting from the day the survey was first completed (or closed).

📞 If you’d like to learn more about how to use website surveys to improve the digital experience, feel free to book a demo with our rep.

Nicholas Podgórski

Nicholas is a Product Marketing Manager at Survicate. He loves running webinars and doing videos. Find him on LinkedIn.