COVID-19 Response: Get Boosted Survicate鈥檚 Free Plan

Doubled the number of free survey responses. Unlimited users. Unlimited surveys. Surveys for email, web and mobile channels all included. And (much) more.

How can a business use the Survicate free plan to navigate safer through the crisis and beyond?

Here are some facts. Budgets for buying software got slashed, but companies need tools more than ever. Customers have suddenly and massively transitioned online. To survive, businesses have to adjust and compete online as well.
The key element of competing online is being able to provide a superior digital customer experience. Great customer experiences are built on customer feedback. And customer feedback is best captured with a digital survey tool like Survicate – that鈥檚 because surveys are quick to deploy, can be used across all digital interactions with your customers, and are low-cost. You can capture customer feedback by running targeted surveys on the website, by email or on mobile, for free.
You can send survey responses to HubSpot and use them as triggers of HubSpot workflows. See our library of free survey templates for further inspiration for how you can use Survicate in your business.

So, what鈥檚 included in the Survicate free plan now?

There鈥檚 nothing better than a good old-fashioned table to show what鈥檚 new in the Survicate free plan. All the other features in the free plan remain, nothing was removed.

Unlimited number of surveysNoYes

Before After
Free survey responses each month 50 100
All survey channels included (email, web, mobile app) No Yes
Unlimited users No Yes
Unlimited number of questions in a survey No Yes
Hubspot native integration included Yes Yes

How long will this offer be valid for?

The free plan in its current shape remains valid for an indefinite period of time. If you do get it now, it will stay with you for life even if we change pricing at a later time.

How can I get the new Survicate free plan?

When you sign up for Survicate, you will be automatically placed on the new free plan.

Is Survicate a certified HubSpot app partner?

Absolutely. The Survicate integration with Hubspot launched in 2019 and it now has close to 400 installs. In fact, Survicate has the highest number of app installs in the Net Promoter Score (NPS) category. You can see Survicate鈥檚 listing on HubSpot App Marketplace.

Why is Survicate doing this?

If I had a cure for coronavirus, I would give it away to everyone for free. But Survicate is not a medical company. Survicate is a survey and NPS tool. And since this is what we have, we鈥檙e giving more of it for free. Like other business owners and CEOs, I am also concerned about the impact of the crisis. Like everyone else, I welcome every bit of help in these trying times. And in turn, I am helping the community the best I can: by giving more of Survicate for free

Kamil Rejent

Survicate's founder and CEO. 'I lead this adventure, empower the team, align all efforts and do my best to keep the energy level high.'

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