Introducing a Native, Code-free Integration with FullStory

You can now watch session recordings associated with survey responses and jump right into customers’ issues to resolve them quickly. You can also send survey responses directly to FullStory as events. You can then use those responses as filters to discover how CSAT and NPS scores affect your conversion rates and more.

I don’t know about you, but I find it frustrating to receive customer feedback and not being able to tell what caused it. Or, not knowing how it correlates with the rest of the customer experience so I can improve it. Having to watch hundreds of session recordings looking for optimization opportunities is also tedious. Not to mention when a user bounces or drops, and you can’t quite put your finger on why it happened!

That’s why Survicate and FullStory join forces, introducing a native, code-free (and free of charge!) integration between the two apps. By combining Survicate’s ability to capture key customer feedback with FullStory’s ability to produce key session recordings of user behavior, businesses won’t have to worry about those pain points anymore.

Here’s what Nir, a mutual customer of Survicate & FullStory and the head of Product at, says about the integration:

The integration between Survicate and FullStory lets us figure out which flows lead to negative feedback and which lead to positive feedback. If a user says they had a bad experience, we can turn it into a good one by quickly fixing their issue. We’re now getting a full picture of the customer experience and can make revenue-increasing decisions!

What the Survicate & FullStory integration does?

The Survicate & FullStory integration lets you watch session recordings associated with the corresponding customer feedback. You can also flow survey responses directly into FullStory as events. Additionally, you can filter by customer feedback in FullStory to connect it with the rest of FullStory’s digital experience data (HeatMaps or Conversions).

If you use Survicate and FullStory together, you’ll uncover what happens before, during and after a visitor leaves you feedback. You’ll find what works well and what doesn’t.

The integration between Survicate and FullStory empowers businesses to consider customer feedback within the context of their actual online experience. By being able to see what happened exactly in a recording session, your users’ pain points and needs will become easier to visualize.

And that’s why you’ll be able to quickly resolve issues and improve the overall digital experience by implementing revenue-increasing solutions!

How the Survicate & FullStory integration works?

Let’s discuss the three most popular use cases of the Survicate & FullStory integration as an inspiration. Alongside each use there are questions that businesses often find themselves asking — that the integration helps answer!

Use case 1: Understand why people leave your website

“Why do some people end up buying from us, but some other people leave the website frustrated?”
“Which issues should we fix first so we can increase our revenue?”

Do you know this feeling when you look at conversion funnels and can’t quite figure out why some people drop or bounce? The integration between Survicate and FullStory lets you discover why you can’t move some website visitors down the funnel, and then remove those obstacles from the way!

How does this work? All you need to do is run an exit-intent survey with Survicate. Visitors will be able to easily tell you why they didn’t place an order or what it is they were looking for but didn’t find on your website.

When you use Survicate and FullStory together, those actionable, first-hand customer insights (survey data) will flow seamlessly into FullStory. This will give you the ability to connect survey-based, digital feedback with FullStory’s digital analytics data and session recordings.

In FullStory, you’ll be able to perform an event search and find sessions where a customer left you feedback and ran into some issues.

Now that you’ve tied a piece of customer feedback with the entire digital experience that led to it, your website team has all they need to deploy fixes.

A customer was looking for the pricing page but it didn’t occur to them to check the Product section of your website? You should make the pricing page easier to access, then! You now know the why behind negative feedback (“can’t find your pricing page”) and how to make sure no more visitors leave your website.

Use case 2: Discover how happy and unhappy customers use your website

“How do CSAT or NPS scores correlate with conversion rates?”
“If a customer is happy, what are the steps they’ve taken in the customer journey?”

Another exciting feature of the Survicate & FullStory integration is being able to tell how customer feedback affects conversion rates.

Is there any difference between how your happy customers use your website compared to those who are not so happy? If so, how can you make sure you can reproduce the path that leads to conversion and customer satisfaction, not frustration?

You can answer these and more questions if you combine Survicate with FullStory. Start with running a CSAT or NPS survey on your website. They are both great for measuring customer satisfaction.

If someone answers your survey and expresses their delight or dissatisfaction, feedback metrics (NPS and CSAT scores) will feed directly into FullStory. From there, you’ll be able to see how these metrics relate to the rest of your priceless digital experience data.

You can search, segment and try to spot trends associated with NPS and CSAT scores. Could it be that low scores correlate with lower conversion rates, and high scores with higher conversion rates?

For example, what were the pages visited by customers who gave you a high CSAT score? Where did those with a low CSAT score get stuck, and why they didn’t convert? To answer these questions, create segments based on survey responses and try to spot dependencies in conversion funnels:

Think of two customers who both made a purchase with you, but arrived on the website in a different way.

One of the customers gave you a high CSAT score, the other one was less than happy. It turns out the happy customer was referred to your website via an affiliate link.

It so happens you’re offering a dedicated onboarding session to customers who come from that source. Whereas your organic traffic, for whatever reason, doesn’t get the same perk!

If you flow Survicate’s survey data into FullStory and pair it with FullStory’s Conversions
and Heatmaps, you’re bound to discover more such activity trends. You’ll be able to get them right and improve your conversion rates in no time and ultimately, also your overall digital experience.

Use case 3: Turning a bad detractor’s experience into a good one

“What caused this customer’s bad experience?”
“How can I make sure it doesn’t happen again?

Let’s face it, we all hope for positive feedback and would like to see more of it, but there’s no escaping from negative feedback. Every now and then, you’ll deal with a customer who’s had a bad experience, which is good — as it lets you improve your product or service.

The sooner you fix the issue and reach out to the customer, the more likely they are to forget it.

Any negative feedback captured with Survicate will also include a FullStory session recording URL. With Survicate & FullStory working together, you’ll be able to watch the relevant recording right away, resolve the customer’s challenge and do right by your detractors!

From FullStory, you’ll also be able to click on the “View in Survicate” button on each user profile, giving you quick & easy access to the latest feedback.

If it’s negative, and a customer reports a bug, you’ll be able to jump right into the right recording, see the bug for yourself, and get developers to deploy a fix.

FullStory captures console logs, user data and other helpful metrics making it easy for developers to troubleshoot bugs.

Can I use the Survicate & FullStory integration for free?

Yes, you can use the integration for free. Also, on its free plan, Survicate offers 100 survey responses per month, unlimited users, unlimited surveys, unlimited number of questions, unlimited question types (including NPS, CSAT, CES), all survey channels (web, email, mobile), and countless native integrations. That’s “asking” made easy!

To enable the integration, just log in to your Survicate account, head over to ⚙️Integrations in the upper right corner, find FullStory on the list and click enable.

Alternatively, log in to your FullStory account, go to ⚙️ Settings, click Integrations and API keys, find Survicate on the list and hit Add.

For detailed information on the integration, see our Help Center article.

If you don’t have a Survicate account, you can sign up free here.

Nicholas PodgĂłrski

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