Native App Integration Between Survicate and ActiveCampaign

You can now send survey responses to ActiveCampaign without leaving ActiveCampaign. And oh, there’s a special offer on ActiveCampaign for Survicate users!

Survicate is one of the very first tools to be featured in ActiveCampaign’s native apps ecosystem. And here’s what it’s in it for you!

What is the change in how Survicate integrates with ActiveCampaign?

Before: You could only integrate ActiveCampaign with Survicate through a direct integration. You would set it up from the Survicate panel.

Now: Apart from the old method, you can also use a brand-new native app integration which is a simplified version of the old integration.

brand-new native app integration which is a simplified version of the old integration between Survicate and ActiveCampaign

Here’s what Emma, a Project Manager at City Unscripted, a mutual customer of Survicate and ActiveCampaign, says about the integration:

“The integration between Survicate and ActiveCampaign helps our Customer Success team constantly improve the customer experience, but it also helps us keep track of satisfaction KPIs fantastically. We can capture actionable customer insights, identify drivers of satisfaction and the biggest friction points. We then use ActiveCampaign automation to send out Survicate-based emails to our customers asking how the experience went – it’s just sheer brilliance.”

How the new Survicate and ActiveCampaign native app integration works?

The new version of the integration is an alternative method to the default integration. It’s been massively simplified and it lets you:

  • Log in to your Survicate account and connect the integration directly inside ActiveCampaign
  • Access a list of Survicate surveys from ActiveCampaign
  • Send survey responses to ActiveCampaign as contact fields without leaving ActiveCampaign
  • Create new contacts or update existing ones based on survey responses right inside ActiveCampaign

What are the most popular use cases?

The biggest advantage of the Survicate & ActiveCampaign integration is that you can use customer feedback in marketing automation for increased conversion rates. The most popular use cases include:

  • Acquiring new customers, getting more case studies, testimonials and social mentions from NPS promoters
  • Turning NPS Detractors into promoters to avoid negative reviews
  • Improving your product or service by running CES surveys
  • Identifying pain points and interests of your leads and prospects and sending them personalized content
  • Collecting new leads on your website and adding them straight to your contacts lists or automation lists in ActiveCampaign
  • Choose from a wealth of survey templates and get more inspiration for how to use Survicate with ActiveCampaign.

How do I set up the Survicate and ActiveCampaign native app integration?

Log in to your ActiveCampaign account, go on to Apps in the bottom left corner, type Survicate in the search box and select Connect Account in the upper right corner. Then you’ll be prompted to pick the Survicate workspace you’d like to connect with ActiveCampaign.

For more details on how to use the Survicate and ActiveCampaign native app integration, feel free to read this article.

Can I use the Survicate & ActiveCampaign native app integration for free?

Yes, you can use Survicate & ActiveCampaign native app integration at no cost whatsoever – it’s completely free!

Nicholas Podgórski

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