This is our pleasure to announce, that we have delivered HubSpot Integration – one of the greatest marketing application available. With HubSpot integration enabled, you can:

  • Generate more leads on your website with Survicate Lead Generation Widgets.
  • Get actionable insights about your existing contacts from Survicate unobtrusive onsite surveys. Surveys seem anonymous – you can collect great data, hard to get with a contact form. Survicate sends insights as HubSpot Contact Properties.
  • Create your personas faster and more precisely.
  • Utilize the time gap between the first visit and the actual sign-up. Data gathered from anonymous visitor will be added to HubSpot contact once he signs up. You can gather precious information on the very top of the funnel.
  • When a prospect answers a question a certain way, you will bring them to a deeper level question or redirect to another page based on that answer.

How does HubSpot Integration work?

Survicate is an application installed on a website. It allows you to launch unobtrusive onsite surveys, show personalized push notifications, generate leads with contact forms and profile anonymous visitors. When integrated with HubSpot, it helps its users in 3 ways.

1. Creating /updating HubSpot Contact

Survicate allows you to create lead generation forms within seconds. They are precisely targeted – you can decide exactly where, when and to whom they should appear. For example, you can launch them on pages where you do not have embedded lead generation forms, only for returning visitors, which work for marketing department and are about to leave the page. What is more, you can just grab your visitors’ name and e-mail with the first form, and then gather additional data progressively with other forms – Survicate will update existing Contacts.
HubSpot integration - contact form

2. Adding Insights to HubSpot Contact

Survicate delivers unobtrusive onsite surveys. Again, you can target them based on URL, traffic sources, type of a visitor (new, returning, registered, etc), based on previous answers (progressive profiling), time spent, pages visited, cookies, localization and many more.
All of the answers you receive, can be recorded in HubSpot as Contact Properties – ready to use for better persona and list creation, deeper personalization, or for your sales reps to use in a very first call. You can define how you want to have your data transferred – full questions and answers, or mapped so that it is easier to digest and handle.
HubSpot integration - contact properties

3. Anonymous Visitors Profiling

HubSpot integration - visitors profiling

Sales processes became complex and take time since the Internet-empowered customers to have more control over it. When they search for a solution to their problems and challenges, they don’t just jump into the bottom of the funnel and await your call. They research, discover, compare. They visit your website numerous times before they sign up to get your ebook or schedule a webinar – and you barely get anything from those anonymous visits.

That’s where Survicate comes in – we allow you to survey anonymous visitors throughout these visits in an unobtrusive way, gradually gathering useful insights. Based on information gathered, you can create specific segments and deepen knowledge about them. Once they sign up with Survicate’s or HubSpot contact form – we push all the Insights from Survicate Visitor Profile to HS Contact Properties –  even if they have been gathered with many different surveys. You get your newly created contact delivered with a package of actionable insights.

How to enable Survicate – HubSpot Integration

Integration with HS is available in Survicate business plan. It takes just a few moments to enable. You need to get your HubSpot Portal ID.

HubSpot integration - portal
If you don’t have Survicate account yet, you can sign up for a free trial here. Go to your Domain settings – Addon and choose HubSpot.

HubSpot integration - Survicate dashboard

Paste your HubSpot Portal ID here, enable HubSpot integration and additional options.

  • Create/update Contact – new HS Contacts will be created / current HS Contact will be updated with SurvicateLead Generation Widget.
  • Send answers as HS Properties – enables to choose survey question that will be pushed as HS Contact properties.

Press save, and then open HS Integration setting again to authorize your account using OAuth. Survicate will fetch HS Static Lists – you can choose which list should you create new contacts on.

Enabling HubSpot integration in Survicate panel

When creating new questions, you need to decide for each if you want to create HubSpot Properties with it. Click on the bar at the bottom of a question, and choose Enable.

HubSpot integration - creating questions

When your visitor answers a quick, unobtrusive survey like this one…

HubSpot integration - sample question

…new properties are created in Insights from Survicate Property Group:

HubSpot integration - property groups

By default Survicate creates HubSpot Contact Properties with Property Labels made of questions content and answers.
HubSpot integration - Survicate insights
For some people it may be too messy and hard to use. To make insights from Survicate more actionable, we came up with question mapping. Mapping allows you to to define how you would like to have your answers presented in HubSpot. It makes it easier to use for you and your sales deparment. Below you can see mapping for the question “Which of the following areas of marketing do you wish to improve?” – instead of the whole content, I translated that into ‘Pain point’. Same story goes with answers:
HubSpot integration - answers mapping
Having mapped my question, on your HubSpot Contact page your can find Insights from Survicate displayed in a very easy to handle and understand manner. It is important to add, that if you change your mapping once again, even if you already have recorded some answers, we will update all of their labels.
HubSpot integration - mapped insights
Creating and updating properties happens instantly. Visitors’ responses are being synchronized every hour – only for visitors which visited the website within that time.
Hope you love it and find it very useful. In the future we are planning to integrate with HubSpot even more – if you have additional ideas we would love to hear them.