Net Promoter Score Surveys for ActiveCampaign

Easily research your NPS and increase customer loyalty.

  • Survey different groups customers and subscribers.
  • Send survey data to ActiveCampaign to boost your marketing automation campaigns.
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nps surveys sent in ActiveCampaign e-mail

Use NPS surveys in your automation flows

Paste Survicate NPS surveys to your automated email to get insights from your customers and subscribers.

  • Distribute surveys to precise groups of customers based on purchase history.
  • Discover common reasons for low satisfaction and nurture Promoters into brand ambassadors.
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Collect and act on data

Discover how satisfied your customers are, what are their pain points, or how they assess the experience of buying from you.

Use insights to adapt your offer and increase customer satisfaction.

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segment subscribers in activecampaign
activecampaign net promoter score analysis

Analyze your NPS
in real time

See results of Net Promoter Score surveys and track progress in time.

  • Get daily, weekly and monthly NPS reports to your inbox.
  • Quickly see how your actions affect customer satisfaction.
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benefits of surveying users

Benefits are endless

Survicate NPS surveys for ActiveCampaign allow you to:

  • Turn more customers into brand ambassadors.
  • Segment customers by Net Promoter Score® to launch targeted nurturing campaigns.
  • Discover common reasons for dissatisfaction and solve them to boost customer satisfaction and loyalty.
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