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Get Voice of Your Customers with Targeted Surveys

Improve your business results by uncovering and acting on insights.

Get to know more about your visitors

Find out what visitors hope to accomplish on your website, what are their needs or what problems they want to solve. Act upon gathered insights to address their needs.

Discover and remove friction points

Find out why visitors are not converting. Remove obstacles they meet to make conversion path smooth and improve user experience.

Find ideas on improvement

Ask your visitors what they would like you to improve. Turn gathered ideas into hypotheses and run A/B test to decide whether to implement them permanently.

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Survicate is a great tool to direct your potential customers straight to the right answers and solutions within your product. Most of leads forwarded from Survicate to the sales team was of high quality and many resulted in closed sales. Without Survicate we would not have acquired those customers.
John Bilyk
CEO, Laurens Coster

Why users love Survicate?

Easy Setup

All you need is to paste a single javascript code to your website - directly, with Wordpress plugin or GTM. Single code for a domain – endless surveys. It can take less than 2 minutes to go.

Mobile Responsive Widgets

Survicate is mobile responsive and you do not need to create a separate widget to engage your mobile visitors. It has been designed to be unobtrusive and easy to operate.

We care about your success

At Survicate we care about your success. We have designed a state of the art onboarding process, which allows you to quickly get started and gain value. Our support is extremely responsive.

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