Optimize Survey Response Rate With A/B Testing

We have been asked many times to add the possibility to implement widget A/B testing to improve surveys’ response rate over time, discover best practices and optimize calls to action. Now it is possible with our new addon – A/B testing.

survey ab testing

How to use A/B testing to optimize your survey response rate?

There are several ways you could benefit from a new feature:

  • Test different intro descriptions on your survey or CTA
    • Different greetings.
    • Underlining how important it is for your company/brand.
    • Persuade benefit for the visitor.
    • Offer incentives.
    • Inform about the number of questions or time required to fill out the survey (the less the better).
  • Test surveys with and without Intro message step.
  • Try different designs, fadeouts.
  • Optimize display settings – delay, scroll percentage, etc.
  • Check how the survey’s position affects the response rate.
  • Last but not least – test the way you ask questions.

It is recommended to test one element at a time, but you can create multiple variations at once. In the case of widgets with multiple steps, we would recommend focusing on the first one.

Enabling A/B Testing requires several steps. First of all, I need to create a duplicate of a widget I want to optimize – one or more duplicates depending on my needs. To to that, I click on the widget to go to a detailed view and choose Duplicate.

Now I have two widgets. In this example I will check how adding a modal overlay around the widget will affect its visibility and therefore response rate.

Now I have 2 widgets with the same targeting options, same settings except for the overlay. To start testing them I need to do 2 more things. First of all, I go to Domain settings – Addons – A/B testing. This add-on generates a cookie with random value – depending on how many variations (2-6).

  • Add a cookie name.
  • Choose how many random values you want to generate.
  • Save.

All visitors will get a cookie ‘pricing’ with random value – 1 or 2. Now it’s time to use those values and modify our widget targeting options – by adding cookie targeting. For the first widget, I added targeting on ‘pricing’ cookie with value ‘1’, and value ‘2’ for the second one. Remember – to add an additional segment for the second cookie value and if you target more that one visitors’ segment, you need to add additional segments with cookie targeting for each of them.

Now I can turn on the second widget and within some time see if it makes a difference. I have just started my test, so expect an update with the result once I gather enough responses.

In the future, we plan to make AB Testing easier – without addon and targeting modification.

Kamil Rejent

Survicate's founder and CEO. 'I lead this adventure, empower the team, align all efforts and do my best to keep the energy level high.'

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