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Use customer insights to make your HubSpot flywheel spin faster

See how Survicate’s capabilities fit squarely into HubSpot’s concept of attracting, engaging and delighting your customers and accelerate your marketing flywheel.

See how Survicate’s capabilities fit squarely into HubSpot’s concept of attracting, engaging and delighting your customers and accelerate your marketing flywheel.

Receive invaluable, actionable insights with Survicate. Act on them in HubSpot.

You will learn how to:

  • ikona Personalize the content your users receive and make it more appealing;
  • ikona Improve user activation and driver better engagement;
  • ikona Stay on top of customer expectations and secure high CSAT/NPS scores.

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Nicholas: Hi guys, Nicholas from Survicate here – I’m a Customer Education Specialist. Alongside me is my colleague Lucek, who’s the head of Marketing at Survicate. 

Thank you so much for joining in as we talk about how you can benefit from running surveys with HubSpot. 

We’re so happy to have you all here today – there’s a bit of a mixed bag of people. Some of you have heard of Survicate and possibly even tested it out at some point, some of you might have not heard of it. This doesn’t really matter, everyone will be able to easily follow the webinar.

Lucek will now briefly tell you about the agenda of our meeting today and the value you’ll get. 


L: Clearly, HubSpot needs no introduction and is probably the most robust in-bound marketing tool there is. We’d even venture to say HubSpot is a philosophy in its own right. They offer solutions for marketing, sales, and customer service teams that help companies acquire and serve customers at scale.

However, we found there was a gap on HubSpot marketplace when it comes to feedback tools. And we wanted to bridge that gap. 

And this is where Survicate comes into play with our direct HubSpot integration. Survicate is a complete toolkit for customer and prospect feedback used by all teams, whether Marketing, CS or Product.

You can run surveys that range from NPS, through Market Research, to Product Market Fit forms. Insights you’re going to receive will help you attract, engage and delight your customers. 

Survicate is used by the likes of Atlassian, Pipedrive, Sendgrid or Gympass. 

N: In today’s webinar, we’ll go over:

1. Suvicate x HubSpot integration capabilities. How survicate seamlessly connects with HubSpot. And allows you to collect insights at every stage of the flywheel.
2. How Survicate fits squarely into HubSpot’s concept of the flywheel. How you can attract, engage and delight customers.
3.We’ll share success stories of our customers. We’ll tell you how they capitalize on using surveys.

Survicate x HubSpot integration capabilities

N: Just so you have an idea of what is it you need to later turn knowledge into action. And to make use of tips & tricks from this webinar. 

1. You need to have a subscription (might be free, though not recommended) with HubSpot and any plan (whether free or not) with Survicate.
2. The Survicate x HubSpot integration is entirely automated. You can set it up with just one click.
3. You’ll send out surveys through HubSpot – embed them directly in an email use a link. You can also display surveys on your website.
4. We’ll enrich your HubSpot contact profiles with insights into leads and customers. We’ll send survey responses to HubSpot as contact properties.
5. We’ll provide advanced survey functionality including a wide selection of question types & skip logic features.
6. You’ll send customized & brand-friendly surveys so you can transform strangers into customers and promoters. So you can ultimately find a way to truly get your buyers talking. 

Lucek will now discuss the famous Funnel x Flywheel distinction, and what’s the role of Survicate in that. 

Flywheel / Funnel

L: There’s been a lot of hype recently surrounding a new growth model invented by HubSpot. It’s called the flywheel. HubSpot have widely promoted the concept and urged people to replace a funnel with a flywheel. 

HubSpot argues that funnels reduce customers to an afterthought, an output to a process – whereas, in fact, they’re the accelerant, they’re the main force that drives future growth of your business.

These days, it’s easier than ever to start a business, but to grow that business – that’s where it gets tricky. 

The problem with the funnel is that it doesn’t take into account several important aspects of how business grow today.

Sure, you can do it the old way. Try and acquire prospects, measure their conversion rate and measure the number of customers you get as a result.

What you should be doing instead is putting customers in the spotlight – at the center. And the flywheel does just that. 

You attract customers with customized relevant content and then you nurture those relationships by keeping customers engaged. Then it is important that you delight your customers at every step of the customer journey. Focus on what you can do to make them more pleased.

Instead of spending all the energy and resources at the bottom of the funnel trying to acquire your customer, think about how they’ll help you grow your business.

N: And this is where Survicate comes to the fore. By now, you probably realize the importance of attracting, engaging and delighting your customers. It seems so easy by the sound it it. But how to do it, specifically? 

Survicate plays an important part. We’ll now share success stories of our customers. We’ll be showcasing the advantages of running surveys. Of giving voice to your customers. Of getting your buyers talking. 

Because customer feedback is at the core of growth, for small and large businesses alike. 

Attract through surveys – customer stories 

N: How to make your marketing flywheel spin faster. How to accelerate it by attracting your customers. 

Let’s talk about how Atlassian, a leading enterprise software company approaches the subject in question. They’ve been our customer for over a year.

They have a simple survey asking:

Do you understand the offers on this page? 

The answers are: yes, no, just looking. 

L: It may seem like a question a 3-year-old child would ask. In reality, we’ve known it to be extremely effective. It lets you instantly identify areas of improvement on your product or pricing page, which is crucial for all software companies. 

Customers feel taken care of and have their voice heard. Atlassian even offers a reward for when someone picks ‘No’ and then submits their feedback. A perfect example of how to attract your customers.

N: And now a real-life example from Sendgrid. We’ve had them onboard for 8 months. They’re a leading communication platform for transactional and marketing email.

They’ve received 22 thousand responses to that survey alone:

It starts with the following question: Which of the following best describes your current role?

L: It’s a rather complex survey as it has upwards of 20 questions. It’s more of a product market research form, and does the job of attracting customers well. It offers a reward in return for invaluable first-hand customer insights. 

Sendgrid figured they needed to attract customers first. Inquired about their needs, so they could later engage with them better by providing a tailored solution. One that would take into account customer feedback.

N: This and the previous examples make a great case for applying force through making improvements to your product pages or to the product itself. In the same way, you could ask about content your visitors would like to see more often – blog posts or social content.

Engage through surveys – customer stories

N: Keeping customers engaged is a goal which extends well beyond surveys. However, asking the right questions may help you improve your activation rate or decrease churn. Let’s see how our customers go about it.

There’s Looka, formerly known as Logojoy – they’re an online AI-powered logo creator. What’s stunning here is that we’ve had them around since 2017 and they’ve been running only one survey. They’ve received over 40k invaluable responses.

They ask a very simple question: What’s stopping you from purchasing a logo with Logojoy?

There are a couple of options to choose from, and the second step is an open-ended follow-up question asking for details.

L: I’ll let the facts speak for themselves. As the head of marketing at Logojoy says, Survicate helped them to identify why customers don’t purchase a logo, and discover friction points in the customer journey. For every dollar spent on a Survicate subscription, Logoy generate about $25 in an additional revenue from their customers.

The survey has, among other things, led Logoy to adjust pricing for different geographies or educate customers who decided to look for a logo way before they had even settled on a business idea. Logojoy also offers 1on1 support sessions based on survey responses – for those of their customers who are struggling with perfecting their logo design. 

It’s remarkable how this one survey alone provides Logojoy with crucial information spanning so many teams. And it can be used to improve their customer experience. 

N: Then there’s WEEX, a digital service hub offering virtual wallets to empower Mexican youth.

So far, they’ve had an unmatched response rate of 60% and tens of thousands of responses. They have multiple surveys which research into churn and lack of activation. One is particularly interesting. 

The survey question says: We have noticed that lately you haven’t been using Weex actively. We do not want to lose you. What is the main reason why you stopped using our service?

L: Plain & simple, capturing users who have not yet churned, but are on the verge of doing so. I like it how they’re being honest with users saying ‘We don’t want to lose you’. Clearly, it paid off. 

Weex found that the packages they had didn’t work for some of the customers and that they also needed to adjust their marketing communication. One of the Weex representatives said they weren’t able to identify the root reasons for churn and lack of activation until they saw the text answers in their survey. 

N: It’s incredible how much you can achieve by asking really straightforward and simple questions. 

Delight through surveys – customer stories 

N: To delight your customers means making sure they’re pleased at every stage of the customer journey. Delighting them all the way through the experience. So that they leave positive reviews, or refer a friend or otherwise promote your brand.

We’ve had Pipedrive, a popular CRM tool run Net Promoter Score surveys with Survicate for two years now. They’ve received thousands of responses. 

L: And we’ve had Booksy, Bankfirst and many other brands measure customers’ loyalty or satisfaction with Survicate. 

All those companies have come to realize that sending out surveys directly through a marketing tool allows them to. 

a) swiftly follow up with promoters – get them to leave a review, offer an incentive for referral
b) look into friction points based on feedback from detractors

L: The biggest advantage of running surveys through HubSpot with Survicate is the convenience. In NPS surveys we run, our users often highlight that the integration is easy to configure and they can customize surveys to perfectly match their brand identity.

And this is great. And that’s what causes our users to secure high response rates and receive insightful feedback. 

This is precisely what lets their marketing flywheel spin faster. For them, the focus has shifted off merely acquiring a customer onto using customer feedback to grow their businesses.