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Getting started with Survicate

You don’t know where to start with Survicate? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Get a quick overview of how to run website, email and mobile surveys effectively.

You don’t know where to start with Survicate? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Get a quick overview of how to run website, email and mobile surveys effectively. We’ll show you around Survicate so you learn the ins and outs of our tool.

Discover the different ways of engaging with customers through surveys. Then decide which one works best for your business. Let us take you on a guided tour of Survicate.

You will learn how to:

  • ikona Create a website/email/mobile survey from start to finish and get it sent out;
  • ikona Analyze results and swiftly act upon feedback;
  • ikona Integrate Survicate with other tools to supercharge collecting feedback;
  • ikona Ask questions people will want to answer;
  • ikona Manage your Survicate account.

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N: Hey guys, Nicholas here from Survicate. I’m a Customer Education Specialist.

T: Hey guys,Tom here, I’m an Account Manager at Survicate. We’ll be your hosts today.

N: As we try to showcase the capabilities of Survicate. We’re:
– a complete, versatile feedback tool
– you can collect feedback across various touchpoints – where there’s interaction with your customers, that’s where Survicate comes into play

T: So what we’ll try today is give you a quick overview of Survicate, of what our product does, what you can accomplish.

N: It’ll be a very rapid guided tour of Survicate because our product is so broad, but we hope towards the end of the webinar, you come to realize how you want to use Survicate and how we can help you. Tom will now tell you about the agenda of the webinar.

T: We’ll discuss:
1. What’s Survicate – the value you’ll get from using Survicate
2. Forms Surveys – link/email surveys
3. Website Feedback – website widget surveys
4. Mobile Feedback – Mobile surveys
5. Analyze results – how to use our powerful analytics
6. Integrations – how to connect with other platforms for ultimate survey experience
7. Manage your survicate account

What’s Survicate

N: You can use Survicate to:
a) Run surveys on your website to optimize it, to improve conversion, improve product research
b) Send out surveys by email – run successful survey campaigns to segment your audience more effectively and act on the feedback you receive
c) Run surveys directly inside your iOS or Android application – so that your mobile app users are routed to leave positive app store reviews or so that you prevent them from submitting negative reviews

T: What’s so great about Survicate is that it works in perfect unison with other tools you use these days in Marketing, Product, Customer Success. So it sort of works with the entire ecosystem of modern marketing or sales or product tools for ultimate experience.

Surveys & Forms

T: Let’s turn knowledge into practice, let’s do the practical bit.  I’ll talk about our first product Surveys & Forms (link email surveys). You can send out surveys by email – we give you the possibility to either us a link or embed questions directly in an emails.

You’ll be able to associate, link responses with your subscribers – and in some cases even update user profiles with survey data.

You can also apply conditional – skip logic – which means you can have different next steps depending on what the response to previous question was.

N: I’ll now quickly show you how to set up a link/email suvey from start to finish and get it sent out.

Website Feedback Surveys

T: Now I’ll briefly introduce another one of our products – Website Surveys. No-one knows better what your  users want than the users themselves. You can run website surveys regardless of whether you’re a SaaS, ecommerce company,a newspaper, blog or other.

N: With our engaging surveys, you can improve the user experience, improve your conversion rates.

N: Ask any questions you like anywhere on your website, trigger surveys by any event of your choice. Reach the people that matter most with advanced targeting. Use countless design options to make surveys feel like part of your product Act on insights with personalized thank you screens, actions, and redirects.

N: I’ll be showing you around Website Surveys now. Let’s create a survey which be displayed when a user is about to exit the page and it’s shown only to first-time visitors.

Mobile Surveys

T: This is our most recent product, and it’s been received very well by our customers. You can run surveys directly in your iOS app.

N: All you need to do is ask your developers once to get it set up for you. You’ll then be able to create surveys directly from the Survicate panel. You can show new surveys without having to update the app.

Enhance your app’s functionality, used by Product and development, avoid negative reviews before they surface, boost your app to 5 stars

Analyze Results

T: Nicholas, why do you think people run surveys?

N: Surveys are the missing piece to effective user segmentation. You can discover facts about your audience that you wouldn’t normally find out. You can discover churn reasons, why people are not activating, improve your content, run NPS or CSAT campaigns, conduct product research.

T: Exactly, there are probably as many use cases as there are people using Survicate.

But all your effort will come down to nothing if you don’t analyze survey results properly.

N: Survicate provides powerful analytics. You can use result dashboards in our panel, or export results to a convenient excel file (on a paid plan)

T: Which brings us to another part of our webinar:


T: Survicate does the job well, but what it if you pair it up with other tools you use on a daily basis?

N: Then you’ll be able to use Survicate to its full capacity. It’s all fun and games if you run surveys and collect responses, but what if you could flow survey responses into other tools you work with?

Survicate integrates with the most popular Analytics, Collaboration, CRM, Customer Support, Email Software and Marketing Automation tools.

T: We integrate with Google Sheets, Google Analytics for ultimate website optimization experience. You can also send survey responses into Slack in real-time. 

N: We also integrate with Intercom, HubSpot, Salesforce, Marketo, Mailchimp and many other tools. But what we’re meaning to say here is that offer you the capability to truly act on your insights – to send them to any tool of your choice, to enrich your database., to combine quantitative (numbers) data with qualitative (feeedback data).

I’ll be showcasing one of our most popular integrations now. There are, of course, other.

HubSpot integration – showcasing. 

Manage your account

T: Nicholas will now give you a brief overview of how you can organize your Survicate account. Survicate gives you a lot of flexibility and freedom in this regard.

You can have multiple teams (Product & Marketing & CS) in the same company tackle survey challenges together, or they can have dedicated workspaces.

N: I’ll swiftly show you around the panel of Survicate.

Success story – looka

T: Now let’s talk some numbers. Here are some major companies that have trusted Survicate so far. We’ve got Attlasian, Sengrid, Pipedrive or Pizza Hut on board with us.

But we wanted to share one story in particular. It’ll give you an idea of what you can accomplish with Survicate.

Looka (formerly known as Logojoy) 

N: Keeping customers engaged is a goal which extends well beyond surveys. However, asking the right questions may help you improve your activation rate or decrease churn. Let’s see how our customers go about it.

N: There’s Looka, formerly known as Logojoy – they’re an online AI-powered logo creator. What’s stunning here is that we’ve had them around since 2017 and they’ve been running only one survey. They’ve received over 40k invaluable responses.

They’re asking a very simple question: What’s stopping you from purchasing a logo with Logojoy?

There are a couple of options to choose from, and the second step is an open-ended follow-up question asking for details.

T: As the head of marketing at Logojoy says, Survicate helped them to identify why customers don’t purchase a logo, and discover friction points in the customer journey. For every dollar spent on a Survicate subscription, Logoy generate about $25 in an additional revenue from their customers.

The survey has, among other things, led Logoy to adjust pricing for different geographies or educate customers who decided to look for a logo way before they had even settled on a business idea. Logojoy also offers 1on1 support sessions based on survey responses – for those of their customers who are struggling with perfecting their logo design. 

It’s remarkable how this one survey alone provides Logojoy with crucial information spanning so many teams. And it can be used to improve their customer experience.