On-demand webinar

Attract and Engage Your Intercom Audience with Surveys

Learn how to send surveys via Intercom emails and the messenger. Flow survey responses directly into Intercom. Act upon customer feedback swiftly.

If you’re using Intercom, you can’t possibly miss out on the Survicate x Intercom integration. We’ve elevated collecting feedback in Intercom to a higher level.

Gather feedback from customers without interrupting their workflow, directly in Intercom. Use slick, joy to-take surveys to uncover game-changing insights.

You will learn how to:

  • ikona Send out in-app and email surveys using Intercom;
  • ikona Flow survey responses into Intercom as tags or attributes;
  • ikona Engage with NPS respondents ;
  • ikona Use in-app surveys to effectively segment your users and personalize communication.

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Nicholas: Hi guys, Nicholas here from Survicate – I’m a Customer Education Specialist.

Tom: Hi guys, Tom here from Survicate – I’m an Account Manager.

N: Thanks for joining us today as we showcase the most common use cases of the Intercom integration. You’ll find you can benefit from running surveys in Intercom a great deal. You’ll be able to use Survicate and Intercom to their full capacity. 

Before we get down to business, and discuss the agenda of the webinar, let’s begin with why you’d even integrate Survicate with Intercom in the first place.

What’s in it for you, what are the benefits of running surveys with Intercom? Tom, you’ve dealt with our customers a lot, you’ll be able to provide fantastic insights from your talks with customers:

T: That’s true. Intercom is a fantastic tool, it drives growth at every stage of the customer lifecycle—across acquisition, engagement, and support. But it is only when you pair it up with a data enrichment tool like Survicate that you can use Intercom to its full potential.

So we’ve asked around and here’s why it’s worth integrating Survicate with Intercom.

When it comes to the functionalities, here’s what our customers love most: you can secure high response rates as Intercom surveys as slick and engaging and easy-to-take. Survicate the most versatile and robust survey tool for Intercom. It allows you to easily send responses to Intercom as tags or attributes in real time. And it is that ease of use as well as our fantastic and quick support that our users are so pleased with.

N: And as far as use cases go, we’ve found that the most common ones are: Churn Reasons, NPS with follow actions, Increasing Activation, Segmenting Users and Product Usage Research.

N: As you can see, you can put the Survicate x Intercom integration to great use and capitalize on it in many different ways.

T: We’ll now discuss the agenda of the webinar.


Let’s get it started, then!


N: Tom, why would our customers want to send out surveys directly through Intercom?

T: Because it’s CONVENIENT. Because you keep track of all your user activity in Intercom, anyway. Moreover, all your user data is already in Intercom. Distributing surveys through Intercom is therefore HASSLE-FREE.

N: You’ll be able to run your customer and feedback-related errands all IN ONE PLACE.

If Intercom had a dedicated in-house solution for surveys, you’d probably use it. 

But they don’t. Which is where Survicate comes into play.

You’ll be able to send out surveys in two different ways.
a) By email – you can use a link or embed a survey directly in the email’s body
b) Through the Intercom messenger App – have surveys pop up while you chat with a customer on Intercom

T: Whichever way you go with, our surveys will FIT SQUARELY INTO Intercom. Their design will be engaging and in line with how Intercom operates.


N: Tom, it’s okay if you know how to send out surveys using Intercom.

T: Right. But what if you could also update user or company profiles with survey responses?

N: With the Survicate Intercom integration, you’ll be able to flow survey responses directly into Intercom.

Send responses as tags or attributes to user and company profiles alike!

T: We’ll also create an event on the user account to say:
Hey, this survey has been answered by this and that customer, the reply was such and such.

N: Armed with all the knowledge we’ve just shared with you, stay tuned! We’ll discuss some real-world examples.


N: Examples how you can use surveys for Intercom. Tom, I hear that our customers have been sending out NPS surveys both by email and in-app heavily.

T: Yes. Simply said, NPS is a metric that allows you to measure your customers’ loyalty.
A Typical NPS-survey question on a scale from 0-10 would be:
How likely are you to recommend our product to a friend or colleague?
(0 not likely at all, 10 extremely likely)

N: With the Intercom integration, you can run NPS surveys both:
a) IN-APP – the whole process is automated. All you need to do is pick a sample NPS survey from our library and send it out through the Intercom Messenger App.
b) BY EMAIL – the same, select an NPS-survey from our library and send it using a link or embed the survey directly in an email.

If someone’s a detractor, promoter or passive you can tag them as such in Intercom. Or create attributes accordingly.

N: If someone’s a promoter, get them to spread your brand through word-of-mouth, boost your referrals. Have them leave a positive review on Capterra, G2Crowd or Trustpilot.

T: And by the same token, if someone’s a detractor, give them some time and then offer a discount or try other methods to win them over or at least minimize the risk of their leaving negative reviews.

N: You can further engage with your NPS respondents. Create one campaign for passives, and another one for detractors.

And now for something a tad different…


T: Customize your Intercom Messenger. Add a survey to the Messenger Home Screen.

If you’re using the Intercom live chat (messenger), folks surely contact you a lot. Make sure that whenever someone reaches out to you, they will be prompted to reply to your survey.

N: Inquire about the most urging issues, things you’re dying to find out about. Ensure your response rate is high enough. Set up a survey using Survicate, then it add to the Home Screen just like this. Now, that was quick and easy right? And so is…


T: You don’t know always know everything about your users.

Sure, tracking their behaviour and events helps.You can check which buttons they click most frequently or trigger an in-app message when they read (red) a certain article.It’s all fun and games.

But what if you truly gave voice to your customers so they explain their actions?

N: Surveys provide the missing piece to effective user segmentation. Personalize your communication based on customer feedback.

Ask the following question and send it out using the Messenger. (Paint Points)

Depending on what the reply is, trigger different in-app campaigns. Remove the guesswork once and for all.

[IV] Feedback Hub

N: It’s a stand-alone free product made by Survicate. Feedback Hub allows you to seamlessly collect insights from Intercom conversations as well as other sources.Organise you feedback effectively.

It’s free, admittedly still in it early days, but we’ve known it to be extremely popular with Intercom users.

Feedback Hub is a central tool for organizing your customer feedback. You can:
a) Flow Intercom conversations to Feedback Hub
b) Set up automation rules and tag insights
c) Discover trends across the different feedback sources

If you have Intercom conversations, you’ll be able to put it to great use.

Surveys are not the only source of feedback. Don’t miss out on any insights, ever.

Sucess Story of our Customer – Looka (formerly known as Logojoy)

N: Keeping customers engaged is a goal which extends well beyond surveys. However, asking the right questions may help you improve your activation rate or decrease churn. Let’s see how our customers go about it.

N: There’s Looka, formerly known as Logojoy – they’re an online AI-powered logo creator. What’s stunning here is that we’ve had them around since 2017 and they’ve been running only one survey. They’ve received over 40k invaluable responses.

They ask a very simple question: What’s stopping you from purchasing a logo with Logojoy?

There are a couple of options to choose from, and the second step is an open-ended follow-up question asking for details.

T: As the head of marketing at Logojoy says, Survicate helped them to identify why customers don’t purchase a logo, and discover friction points in the customer journey. For every dollar spent on a Survicate subscription, Logoy generate about $25 in an additional revenue from their customers.

The survey has, among other things, led Logoy to adjust pricing for different geographies or educate customers who decided to look for a logo way before they had even settled on a business idea. Logojoy also offers 1on1 support sessions based on survey responses – for those of their customers who are struggling with perfecting their logo design. 

It’s remarkable how this one survey alone provides Logojoy with crucial information spanning so many teams. And it can be used to improve their customer experience.