Survey Audience Targeting

Create engaging and personalized surveys by building custom visitors segments. Reach your targeted audience by targeting based on criteria described below.

New. Returning. Frequent.

You can create segments of visitors based on their progress through marketing funnel. Create surveys, which will appear to new, returning or frequent visitor.

Visit source

Creating segment of visitors, who are coming from the certain source is a great way to personalize your offers, incentives and messages.

Anonymous & Logged in

Part of your website requires a login? For the purpose of surveying and analysis we give you the ability to distinguish anonymous visitors from logged ones.

Past answers

When creating a survey question you can assign tags to your responses. Every respondent will get chosen tags. When creating a segment of your visitors you can choose to include tags – then, only people that have answered in a certain way in the past will see the survey.

Behaviour & interaction

Target the audience by analyzing interactions and website penetration. You can set survey to appear to visitors, who visited specific URLs.


Target visitors based on language of their browser. Create a separate survey for each language of your choice. Each widget can be then analyzed separately making it easier to draw conclusions.


Create and analyze surveys based on technology your visitors use to learn about user experience from different perspectives.


Cookie-based targeting allows you to utilize data that’s specific to a particular group of customers. Survicate allows you to target any cookie that is present within the visitors browser.