Product updates

Introducing a Native, Code-free Integration with FullStory

You can now watch session recordings associated with survey responses and jump right into customers’ issues to resolve them quickly. You can also send survey responses directly to FullStory as events. You can then use those responses as filters to...

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Introducing a Native App Integration Between Survicate and ActiveCampaign

You can now send survey responses to ActiveCampaign without leaving ActiveCampaign. And oh, there’s a special offer on ActiveCampaign for Survicate users!

Survicate is one of the very first tools to be featured in ActiveCampaign’s native apps ecosystem. And here’s what it’s in it for you!

It Is Now Possible to Run Recurring Website Surveys

You can now give website visitors the possibility to take the same survey every day, week, month, quarter or instantly!

If you are running website surveys with Survicate, you can now let website visitors take the same survey multiple times on a recurring basis.

You Can Embed Single Answer Questions In Emails!

You can now embed the Single Answer question directly into the emai’s body for high response rates. And that’s not where the benefits of embedding a survey in an email end!

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