Google Analytics integration

Google Analytics Integration

How does the Google Analytics integration work?

When a visitor answers to a survey an event is being generated so that Google Analytics automatically tracks it. Integrations works well with both Google Analytics and Universal Analytics.

With the integration enabled you can combine your quantitative data recorded by Google Analytics – what user did, with qualitative data – what users said – delivered by Survicate. You can also use responses collected with surveys to create custom segments of visitors in Google Analytics.

Benefits of enabling the integration

Type of events that are sent to Google Analytics

Google Analytics records Survicate events in the following way:

In the table below you may find detailed description of how events are sent.

Google Analytics Integrations events table

How to enable the integration?

You need to enable integration for each survey separately. To integrate Google Analytics with Survicate survey:

  1. Open widget options and move to Launch section.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom to open Other Widget Settings
  3. Enable either Google Analytics or Universal Analytics integration.

This step-by-step video, shows how to enable Google Analytics integration within 15 seconds.

Integration from Google Analytics perspective

These are sample Survicate surveys in Google Analytics account.

Google Analytics previews

To achieve following view log in to your Google Analytics account and click on:

  1. Behaviour
  2. Events
  3. Top Events

All surveys will be shown with “Survicate – ” prefix. Below, you’ll find a video, showing how to see Survicate events in Google Analytics.

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