Surveys for SessionCam

Discover the ‘Why’ behind session recordings.

  • Get feedback from your website visitors.
  • Associate survey responses with session recordings.
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targeted website surveys integrated with SessionCam

Trigger surveys when and where you need them

Use unobtrusive surveys on your website to collect insights from visitors without disturbing them.

  • Target surveys based on cookies, browsed pages, % of scroll, tags, sources of traffic, devices, languages, and more.
  • Launch surveys in critical moments, eg. when visitors are about to exit the page.
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Use skip logic for follow-up questions

Get deeper into uncovered needs and issues to see ‘the why’ behind answers.

  • Ask follow-up questions based on previous answers.
  • Take actions on insights with calls to action and redirects based on answers.
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website survey logic
analytical dashboard

Analyze results with a reporting module

Access your responses in real time with a friendly, yet powerful reporting module

  • Analyze aggregated results, word clouds and NPS scores.
  • Filter, cross reference with answers from different surveys
  • Export your results to Excel or use API to send your data to any service. Associate responses with links to session recordings.
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Benefits are endless

Survicate surveys for SessionCam allow you to:

  • Discover problems that lead to negative user experience.
  • Remove the guesswork from your experiments.
  • Iterate faster on website design.
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benefits of surveying website visitors

Our Customers love us

In 2016 our Customers collected over 18 million responses. According to G2 Crowd and our Customers reviews Survicate was rated 4.8 out of 5 stars, becoming one of the best insights tools available on the market.

G2 Crowd rating of 4.8 / 5. Read reviews.
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Want to know more about Survicate for SessionCam?

If you need more information about Survicate surveys for SessionCam, take a look at the documentation in our Knowledge Base or contact us.