Optimizely integration

The integration with Optimizely allows you to target Survicate surveys to appear on specific variants of your experiments. As a result, you know how visitors assess variants and how you can improve them. To enable this integration take following steps.

Enable Optimizely integration within Survicate Integration & add ons section.


In order to target surveys on specific variations you’ll need to provide Survicate with Optimizely Experiment ID and Variation name.

Where to find them? Log in to your Optimizely account, choose the experiment where you want to run surveys and open it in the editor. Then go to settings and open ‘diagnostic report’. There you will find experiment ID.

Variation name is visible on a tab (highlighted below), also within experiment editor. Just remember that when you use generic names of variations, the name of a variation is for example ‘Variation #1’, not just ‘#1’.

optimizely experiment variation

When you have the ID and variation name you’re ready to set widgets to appear on them. With Optimizely integration enabled, you have additional options available when creating visitor segment in survey ‘Settings’ section. By filling out data in Optimizely section, you will survey only those visitors that have seen a given experiment variation. Here’s how to set it up:

That’s all, you’re ready to launch a survey on a specific version of your experiments!