Survey look and feel

Themes let you change the look and feel of your survey by defining color for your entire survey. Add your logo, change the and make Survicate website surveys look like they’re a part of your website design.

Color schemes

Your Survicate account includes a tool to apply predefined themes to your website surveys, as well as design and manage your own custom themes.

examples of targeted website surveys

Widget positioning

This feature can be useful to make sure surveys avoids other popups like a chat window, or they don’t cover a critical part of your site. Choose where to show your survey: left, right, bottom, top or in the center of the screen.

Website fadeout

Website fadeout is especially useful when using ‘exit intent’ targeting. It appears as a background of a widget. It disappears when widget is clicked. There are two types of fadeout – light and dark one.

Mobile responsive surveys

Survicate surveys are mobile responsive, and optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile resolutions on Android and iOS devices. Just one survey for all devices.

Custom CSS

If you need greater design control, the Custom CSS feature will allow you to overwrite the CSS rules with your own. Customize typgraphy, change dimensions – you can customize every element of your survey.