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Survicate for Agency

Improve your customers’ websites usability and conversion. Research their clients’ NPS and satisfaction. Run highly engaging in-mail surveys campaigns to their customer databases. Resell subscriptions or built your own services based on Survicate. Manage multiple domains and users with one account.

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customer feedback software for agencies

Survicate for E-commerce

Discover why your shop visitors don’t finalize their purchases. Understand your Customers with post-purchase surveys. Improve your product offerings and entire website experience. Engage your visitors with special offers and discount codes. Evaluate entire process with post-delivery emails surveys.

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customer feedback software for ecommerce

Survicate for Education

Make sure your website is easy to navigate for future students and their parents. Improve their experience and your school’s impression. Uncover their needs and uncertainties, guide them to proper section to help them find answers to their questions. Improve websites services to your school pupils. Run in-mail poll to discover their opinion on any important matter.

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customer feedback software for education

Survicate for Finance

Uncover your potential Customers’ financial needs and possible friction points. Make sure your products are easy to understand and compare. Segment your visitors to create a unique experience and propose best fitting offers. Improve lead generation and push leads to your call center. Send quick in-mail surveys to your current customers to find up-sell opportunities.

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customer feedback software for financial companies

Survicate for Telecom

Your customers are seeking high communication with minimum interactions and friction so your digital assets are the preferred mean of communication for sales, support and marketing. Uncover your customers voice to best learn their needs before planning great changes and developments and to provide them with a better experience in every touch point.

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Survicate for Travel & Hospitality

Survey your website visitor to uncover their holiday dreams and doubts. Help them solve it and increase your sales right away. Identify offer appeals to focus on biggest conversion points. Show personalized offers based on few questions to shorten their purchase path. Run post journey in-mail surveys to research satisfaction, NPS and to find out opportunities for new sales.

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Survicate for Professional Services

Discover B2B buyer personas visiting your website, their stage in the buying process, role, friction points and motivations. Find out what are their goals of their visits and if they can easily reach them. Guide them to suitable content upon ucovered insights. Improve lead generation process and boost your sales funnel velocity.

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customer feedback software for professional services

Survicate for Real Estate

Find out if your website presents your portfolio in appealing way. Get to know your property buyers better – their needs, budget, and stage of decission process. Find out what other offers/areas they consider to prepare your sales offer better and underline advantages. Boost your number of appointments with the right, hot, ready to buy leads.

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customer feedback software for real estate

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