It’s no secret that companies with great online customer service are the ones that have happy customers and that get return business. As the eCommerce industry abounds and companies move their businesses to the web, it’s crucial to have easy ways for your customers to contact you. Today, companies are beginning to use customer support surveys and customer support live chat to help meet growing needs. Here’s how to boost your digital customer service to increase satisfaction and sales.

Digital touchpoints

Managing customer touchpoints digitally is a different experience. Yet, technology now extends a variety of mechanisms for feedback management.

You’ll be engaging in what we call the “The Customer Feedback Loop.” In this loop, you ask the customer for feedback, you categorize the feedback based on what it says, you share the feedback and act based on who can implement the changes, and you follow-up with the customers to let them know that they’re being heard.

Sound hard? Don’t worry. Here are the methods that can help you engage in top-notch online customer service.


How many times have you got an email as a customer? Probably too many to count.

Email is still a primary way that most companies communicate with their customers—particularly those in generation X—because it’s easy and customers prefer it. All customers have email accounts that they use to conduct business on the web.

Whether that customer is filing a complaint, providing positive feedback or just waiting for email confirmation about their order, they’re likely doing it over email. Thus, you already have a mass email list that you can use for online customer service.

Live chat

Live chat is one of the newest ways that companies are connecting with their customers.

It’s a fast way to communicate with anyone who needs immediate help with a product or service and can’t or won’t wait 24-48 hours for a return email.

Text message

Companies are now truly making an effort to contact customers where they’re at and disperse information and gather feedback in a way that is easy for customers.

Now customers who enter their phone number when checking out can receive feedback surveys and other information directly to their cellphone. It becomes an easy way for them to connect with a representative from the company without having to get on their computer or email or give anyone a call.


Customers love feeling like they’re being heard. And businesses commonly distribute surveys to ensure that they’re meeting the expectations of consumers and to see where they can improve.

This is a surefire way to ensure that you’re keeping up with your customer base. While you may only hear if there is a problem through the other three, surveys allow you to proactively hear about the good and the bad.


How surveys can help you:

1. Evaluate the quality of customer service

Surveys are great because they can immediately tell you what you did well in a situation or what you did incorrectly.

Have you ever been on a phone call with a customer service representative when they asked you to wait and take a survey at the end? Digital customer service can operate in the same way.

If you finish a live chat with a representative and you had a great experience, all that needs to pop up is the question “Overall, how would you rate the quality of your customer service experience?”

By the customer answering, “very positive,” you know that you’ve done your job and no additional follow-up is necessary. By the customer answer “somewhat negative” or “negative,” you know there’s still work to be done.

You can also use this type of feedback to work out who is in the right role at your company. If you have an online customer service agent consistently getting poor feedback, it may be time to either retrain that individual or reevaluate where they are placed.

Customer service roles are difficult because they are so front-facing and impact the brand your company has.

2. Collect information on what matters most to your customers

How will you cater to the needs of your customers if you don’t know what’s important to them? That’s where surveys come in.

Customer support surveys can help your customers tell you exactly what they value in your company. If their answers surprise you, it may be time to reevaluate exactly what your branding is.

Remember, the job of your customer service is to service them, so truly use this feedback to guide your steps.

3. Update your FAQ, Help Center, and knowledge base

Online customer service is a great and necessary tool, but you might get overwhelmed by individuals calling or chatting agents for information that can easily be found on your website in the “FAQs” or “Help Center.”

By surveying your customers on their baseline knowledge of your company, you can better understand how you can serve them digitally. It isn’t always easy because people often like face-to-face help when they’re encountering issues with a product or service.

Yet, it’s still worth investing time in improving the knowledge base so that customers know how to help themselves.

Final thoughts

The key to online customer service is ensuring that your customers know how to reach you digitally and can provide feedback to help you grow.

One of the best ways to reach consumers is through a feedback loop that demonstrates that you not only hear their concerns but that you’re listening and follow through.

Surveys allow a way for your business to grow while integrating the feedback that your customers provide along the way.

Anna Rubkiewicz

Content Specialist @ Survicate. Hopeless animal lover & avid (albeit amateur) singer.