They key to making customers happy is ensuring that they feel as though they are being heard. In an increasingly digital world, companies have begun to use surveys to gather feedback from customers and integrate it into their everyday practices. Here are the top tips for how you can make customers happy with surveys.

Tip #1: Run surveys and truly use that feedback

Nothing is more frustrating than when someone asks for advice and then doesn’t use it. When customers provide feedback, it’s because they truly care about seeing it implemented. If your website isn’t running effectively, it takes forever to load, and you see that feedback in your surveys – get on it! If it’ll make your customer’s experience better, it’s worth fixing. Hire someone to fix your website as soon as possible, and make sure your customers know that you’re taking steps to fix the problem. Cater to their needs and they’ll serve you by returning to use your product or service time and time again.

Tip #2: Run customer satisfaction surveys like NPS and CSAT surveys

The NPS survey helps tell you your Net Promoter Score, or how likely you are to recommend a product to a friend or colleague. A CSAT survey is a 5-point scale that helps you rate your experience and satisfaction with a service. Both of these surveys will help you spot customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction wherever it may pop up. Remember, while satisfaction is great, you’ll want to focus primarily on following up with the individuals who are dissatisfied so that you can remedy your relationship with those customers.

Tip #3: Decide how you’ll make amends

Let’s face it, you’ll have unhappy customers somewhere along the lines. You want to make sure you know how you’ll make amends and give these customers a voice. Dealing with unhappy customers is never fun but making them feel heard is a much better solution than doing nothing at all. Make sure you know when to apologize and when to provide benefits to these customers. Whether it’s discounts or free products, making amends is important to building trust with them.

Tip #4: Deliver your promises

Make sure that you always deliver on your promises as a company. While it may be tempting to promise mind-blowing benefits, customers can get easily disappointed if these aren’t delivered. In fact, not delivering will give you must worse PR than having simpler product pages or website copy in the first place. Whatever you display on your website, make sure that it’s an accurate representation of the quality that you can provide. The last thing that you want is for anyone involved to feel disappointed because then you’ll need to follow-up on that with customers!

Tip #5: Do it well and do it fast

Why do you think Amazon has done so well in eCommerce? It provides high-quality products in a fast and efficient way. Its customer service is also informed and able to help customers quickly if there are any issues with their products. In this era of buying and selling, customers like to be helped and be helped fast. They don’t want to wait for help which is why instituting methods like live chat or FAQs can be helpful for those individuals with immediate needs. Be sure to diversify your options for digital touchpoints (email, chat, phone, etc.) with consumers so they can contact customer service how they want to and on their own timeline.

Tip #6: Don’t overuse surveys

While surveys are great, you don’t want to use a tool that doesn’t allow you to properly control the information you need without bombarding your customers. A service like Survicate is perfect for this type of use. You want to make sure your web visitors aren’t overwhelmed with surveys, so don’t have more than one during a single web session. You also want to make sure that they don’t continually get asked a question that they deliberately didn’t answer. For example, if you kept clicking out of a pop-up window for a survey, and it kept popping back up, you’d probably just get frustrated and leave the website, right?

You never want to push individuals to answer surveys that aren’t relevant to them because it will just mess up your data. It is much better to have a smaller, yet accurate sample pool than individuals who are answering randomly to get a survey window to disappear during their browsing session.

Final thoughts

The six tips above are all tried and true methods of keeping customers happy while navigating an online business. Surveys are a great tool to ensure that you’re providing the best possible service, delivering on your promises, and doing it in a timely manner. However, there are some things to keep in mind. You don’t ever want to force surveys on your users or be so focused on running surveys that you forget to implement the feedback. Remember, showing your customers that you’ve done something with their feedback is just as important as implementing it. Use Survicate to keep your customers happy today!

Kasia Kowalska

Senior Content Specialist @Survicate. Passionate traveler and a massive fan of American stand-up comedy!