How to Boost Customers’ Engagement with Live Chat Triggers

Customer engagement marketing indicates the emotional connection between your brand and your customers. Engaged customers not only tend to buy more but also are more likely to become repeat clients and to promote your brand. Therefore, your main goal is to provide a consistent, warm experience with every interaction, so that your customers will want to come back.

Customer engagement marketing

Brick-and-mortar businesses have an advantage of human connection, but can your online business build equally effective and long-lasting communications? The answer is yes, and chat automation can help you.

Every time people visit brick-and-mortar stores, somebody greets them and offers assistance. In this case, customers feel that you care about them. For many years, this had been an important advantage of traditional stores over eCommerce websites.

If eCommerce customers have any problems, they can either contact customer service or leave your site and choose another one.

Live chat allows you to adopt a proactive approach, quickly contacting your customers every time they perform a certain action and offering the necessary help or suggesting the next step.

Reasons to Use Chat Triggers

1. Effective customer engagement marketing tool

Live chat allows you to be present at the right place, at the right time. You can contact people who are almost ready to become customers and help them proceed to purchase. Your live chat can pop automatically, helping you engage with the customers when they need it most.

2. Strong relationships with customers

We live in an era of instant gratification. Customers are looking for reactivity and you should be able to give it to them. Properly targeted automated messages will help you create the best first impression possible.

3. Insights into customer behavior

You can learn a lot about your customers if you talk to them when they visit certain pages or have some issues. Live chat with an embedded survey will be a source of instant feedback. You can use it to get relevant information on your customers’ pain points and their impressions of your service or products.

Good Ideas for Your Chat Triggers

Idle visitors

Your live chat can be triggered if a visitor hasn’t been active for a certain period of time. This is a very useful thing when dealing with disengaged visitors. Instead of losing their interest, you can bring their attention back to your website. Meanwhile, visitors who are active but hesitate to take action can receive timely help.

Returning customers

If a customer has visited your website before or purchased something from you, this is a great opportunity for future sales. Such people have already expressed their interest in you and your products or services. So, if they return again, you should be able to offer high-quality services so that they won’t regret their choice.

You can set a life chat trigger for returning customers and quickly communicate a personalized message based on their interests. It’s an opportunity to demonstrate that they matter to you as customers, and such an approach will make them more engaged.

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Visiting your “Contact Us” page

If a customer visits your “Contact Us” page, they likely want to speak to you. Therefore, it makes sense to use this event as a chat trigger, adding more convenience and demonstrating that you’re open to talking and accessible.

Visiting pages with high bounce rates

All the pages on your website perform differently. Quite often, there are pages that make visitors want to leave, for any reason. If you want to reduce your bounce rates, you can adopt a proactive approach and use chat invitations.

Live chat triggers allow you to keep visitors online and to delay the moment when they will leave your page or even make them change their mind.

Browsing your “FAQ” page

When customers visit the FAQ page, they need answers. The best way to respond to their needs is to use live chat. You may send a chat invitation as soon as your customers visit the page or after they browse it for a while. Regardless of the approach you choose, it will be an effective customer engagement marketing strategy statement.

FAQ-triggered live chat demonstrates your willingness to resolve any issues. Obviously, this simple solution will also help you eliminate bounces caused by unanswered questions.

Pre-chat surveys

You can also collect certain information about your visitors even before chatting. This approach is useful in service/support situations because, in this case, your visitors are ready to provide you with the necessary information to get help. For example, you may ask them to provide their name, user ID, email, or order number. Here’s where running website surveys will do wonders.

Post-chat surveys

Post-chat surveys enable you to objectively evaluate the customer experience. This is the easiest way to collect feedback and to measure customer satisfaction. You can ask your visitors to rate their overall experience. You may also ask them whether the chat session made them want to purchase your product or not, or whether you managed to resolve their issue. Not only can post-chat surveys help you improve your service, but they can also help you demonstrate that the customers’ feedback is important to you and you care about them.


Customer engagement is a very important factor for any business because it reflects the emotional connection between a brand and its customers. If you want to improve customer engagement marketing, you should provide a high-quality experience, which is impossible without effective communication.

Live chat triggers allow you to react to your customers’ behavior, demonstrating your willingness to help them with any problems.

Quite often, people want to make a purchase but hesitate to click “Buy” because they have some questions or haven’t decided what exactly is the best option. Live chat can encourage them to make the right decision, all the while increasing engagement and helping you build strong relationships.

In addition, live chat is an opportunity to collect valuable feedback using surveys.

Direct feedback from your customers is a great opportunity to understand how you can improve your service and give your customers exactly what they want and came for.

Berta Melder

Berta Melder is an experienced brand manager, content strategist, novice entrepreneur and co-founder of the Masterra. Specializing in brand management, she manages the company's internal training activities and helps participants develop the brand management skills. Follow her on Twitter @truesuccess_.

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