Customer Stories

3Shape – Rebuilding a website through visitor insights

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How to Better Understand Customers Through NPS [Case Study]

How BPS World Using NPS Score to Promote Their Services

Uncovering Insights About Trial Users [Case Study]

How Looka got a 2400% ROI using Survicate


With only one Survicate Survey sent using Intercom, Logojoy is able to collect a vast amount of feedback that benefits the company’s rapid growth.

mobile app survey questions

Strategy for Mobile Solutions and Reduce Churn [Case Study]

Droplr Survicate Surveys

Droplr improves users experience with Intercom surveys

Morizon Survicate Surveys Case Study

Reinventing the real estate market with Survicate

Castorama Survicate Surveys Case Study

Implement Data-driven Strategy Using Surveys [Case Study]

Survicate Case Study

Customer story – researching Net Promoter Score®

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