Survicate tag is now available in GTM templates

Google Tag Manager is by far the best way to organize scripts on your website. Instead of plugging multiple pieces of code, you implement only one and manage all scripts from one dashboard. You can set firing rules and their order to trigger scripts only when you need them. Result? Your website loads faster, you can save on subscriptions to SaaS tools, and you don’t need to involve developers every time you want to try a new tool. But we all know that. So where’s the big news?

After a just-released update of GTM, Survicate tag is available in templates. It means that plugging Survicate to show targeted website surveys and feedback widgets to visitors is as easy as never before. You don’t need to create a custom tag anymore – just choose Survicate from available templates, paste your Survicate tracking code and you’re ready to go!

Take a look at full Google Tag Manager installation guide to see how to install Survicate in GTM.
What’s worth noting, Survicate is one of just 3 customer feedback tools available in tag templates. And I’m not afraid to say that Survicate is also the most advanced one. On the top of already mentioned targeted website surveys and feedback widgets, after a recent product update Survicate offers also one-click email surveys, email NPS surveys, and questionnaires. Plus, we’re working on mobile app surveys to offer our users a complete ecosystem of collecting customer feedback.