Starting today you can organize surveys into folders in Survicate!

You can now add surveys to folders and use the improved Survicate dashboard with its 7 added quick actions. Keep your surveys neatly organized and browse surveys 20x quicker!

Survey folders

With folders, you can categorize surveys per project, team, campaign or goal. It helps you quickly access surveys that are relevant to your current task.

To add a folder, simply log in to your Survicate account and select ‘Create new’ on the right-hand side:

When creating a folder, you need to name it and decide which surveys you’d like to move to that folder:

Don’t worry about not adding the right surveys on the first try, though. You can always move surveys to a folder later from the main view:

Also, you can rename a folder at any point. To do that, access a folder, click on its name and provide a new name:

The improved main dashboard

In addition, you can now use the improved Survicate dashboard with its seven new quick actions!

These are all the actions you can take from the Survicate dashboard:

  • Create new folders and edit existing ones (new)
  • Move surveys to folders (new)
  • Share surveys conveniently with a shareable link (new)
  • Duplicate (new), delete, edit, and pause surveys
  • Search surveys and folders (new)
  • Browse surveys either in a list or grid view (new)
  • Quickly find surveys thanks to author avatars (new)
  • Access survey results
  • Filter surveys by author and survey type
  • Add new surveys

What’s the biggest advantage of the new dashboard? You no longer have to wait for surveys to appear on the list of surveys. No matter how many surveys you have! All surveys will now appear on the dashboard instantly.

We’ve heard your feedback and made the experience of loading surveys much smoother. In fact, you can now browse surveys 20x quicker! (yep, we’ve measured it)

📹 Here you can watch a 2-min video overview of survey folders and the new dashboard:



Survey folders have been one of the most frequently requested features. It’s great to deliver it to you. Stay tuned as we release more features in 2021!

Nicholas Podgórski

I’m a Product Marketing Manager at Survicate. I love running webinars and doing videos. When not at work, I enjoy listening to regional accents of Britain, working out, and having a sauna. Find me on LinkedIn.

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