Optimizely Integration: Get the Most of Customer Feedback

Optimizing a website is not an easy thing. You can read dozens of guides written by top experts in the industry, use their tips to create experiments with Optimizely, and see conversion rates slipping. Do you know this feeling? I do. Also, all the guides are useful only when you have thousands of visitors a day, otherwise, you might be unable to spot the difference.

What to do to make the most of your Optimizely experiments even if you have moderate traffic? Add user feedback gathered with Survicate website surveys to quantitative analysis of your experiments.

With the new Optimizely integration, you can set Survicate website surveys to appear on specific variants of your experiments. Each survey appears only on one variant of an experiment. As a result, you get clear results of what people are saying about a certain variant and you know for sure which version produces which results.

Answers collected with Survicate combined with qualitative data presented within the Optimizely dashboard will give you a holistic view of your experiments’ performance. The integration and surveys are easy to set up and you can use premade survey templates.

How can you use Optimizely integration and what is there for you in using it? Read closely.

4 benefits of using Optimizely integration

Quickly spot trends

A/B testing is the most reliable form of testing. There is just one small catch – it’s called statistical significance. It’s impossible to reach it on most of the websites. When you want to see how changing the background affects conversion rates of a shop whose website you manage, you need thousands of visitors.

Not so easy, right? Survicate can help you solve this problem. Since Survicate users observe up to 58% response rates, you can collect a solid number of answers even if you have 50 or 100 visitors a day. After a week or two, way before reliable quantitative results, you’ll be able to observe which answers are the most popular.

Discover problems

Analyzing results of Optimizely experiments will show you that two variants behave differently. Usually, you choose the one that performs better and that’s it. Or is it?

Sure, you want to increase conversion rates so choosing the variant that reports better results is the right thing to do. But do you know why visitors behave differently and what they dislike about the variant that performs worse? Not really. So ask them. You’ll learn what they dislike about the losing variant but it’s likely there are some glitches on the winning variant as well. Turning such insights into action will help you create an even better variant.

TIP: Use exit intent targeting to engage visitors who are about to leave without converting.

Collect ideas for improvements

It’s great to know what users dislike. But what can be even more valuable is their ideas for improvements. What’s the difference? In the first case, you can collect answers like ‘I don’t understand your pricing’. In the second one, you can find out that ‘I’d need a plan between free and $50/month’. Such answers can give you ideas for new experiments and variants. Listening to visitors and testing their ideas leads to creating a website highly tailored to your audience. Result? Competitive advantage difficult to copy.

TIP: Target surveys at people who had enough time to familiarize with the content of the website.

Find out how small changes affect perception

Every small element of your website affects how it’s seen by visitors. Example: adding a small lock on the checkout page can lead fewer visitors to quit shopping. All elements sum up to the overall impression. You want to have control over it. To implement small changes and ask visitors what’s their first impression or how trustworthy the website is in their eyes. You’re likely not to see astonishing results of each such step. But even 5 or 10 baby steps can lead you to a substantial rise in conversion rates.

TIP: Use scale question to be able to easily see changes in received scores.

How to access Optimizely integration?

Since our Optimizely integration is brand new, we’re looking for testers to get feedback and improve it. This is why we’re offering 2 months of free trial on the Business plan for those interested in using Optimizely integration. Just create a free account, start a free trial on a Business plan, drop us a line on Intercom, and we’ll extend your trial. The offer is valid for users who register accounts before June 30th. Enjoy!

Lucjan Kierczak

Head of Marketing at Survicate.

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