Introducing the new Email Surveys Builder!

You can now create email surveys easier and choose from two new email survey templates. Send engaging email and link surveys to your contacts. Get more customer feedback, improve the customer experience, and grow faster.

The new Email Surveys Builder has arrived!

Say hello 👋 to the New Email Surveys Builder! You can now create email surveys 40x faster. This means you can collect more customer feedback and improve your customer experience. Also, there are more email survey templates for you to choose from. Learn how surveying your email audience is now easier with Survicate, and what’s in it for you.

What has changed in the new Email Surveys Builder?

You can now create, design, configure, integrate and share email surveys in a new, better way. You also have more control over how email-embedded surveys look in an actual email client.
email survey builder preview

The way you create email surveys with Survicate is more streamlined and distraction-free. With the new builder, you can reduce the time from coming up with a survey idea to actually sharing the survey with your email audience.

Let’s be realistic, there’s no use crying over the old email surveys builder. Yes, it got the job done. Yes, it allowed thousands of Survicate users to run effective email survey campaigns. At the same time, it needed a bit of refreshment, UX and UI optimization. 🤭

old email survey builder

Each digital product eventually becomes obsolete and needs revamping. Sometimes, you even need to build a product from scratch. Here at Survicate, we’ve heard your feedback. That’s why we’ve decided to completely rework the email surveys builder.

The old builder had been around since 2014, and it felt like the time was right to make the change.

So, three months after we’ve updated the web surveys builder, the new email surveys builder is also live! 🚀

📹 Here you can watch an 8-min video overview of the biggest improvements it offers:

What makes the New Email Surveys Builder better

Here’s how the New Email Surveys Builder outperforms the old one:

  • You can create and edit email surveys 40x faster
  • You can choose from two new email-embedded templates for 4 question types
  • You need 30% fewer clicks to share an email survey
  • You need 50% fewer clicks to connect a question to an integration
  • There’s 125% more UI space dedicated to the preview of your survey alone
  • You can preview a question type before adding it
  • You can change a survey distribution channel (email provider) in the Share tab
  • You need 50% fewer clicks to create your custom survey theme

survey theme

A guided tour around the New Email Surveys Builder – Create Tab

Let me show you around creating email surveys with the New Builder.

The New Builder has four tabs:

  1. Create
  2. Configure
  3. Connect
  4. Share

The main navigation is distraction-free. At the top, you can work your way through creating a survey. All the way to sharing it via a link or embedding the survey right inside an email message.
survey builder create tab

Let’s deep dive into the different tabs and steps of creating an email survey with the new builder.

The Create Tab consists of three subsections, with the first one being Questions. This is where you add questions and set up survey skip logic. It’s deciding what question or action a respondent sees next based on how they answered the previous question. Skip logic is also called routing or branching, but in essence, they all mean the same thing.
how to set logic in a new survey builder

One massive improvement? You can now preview a question type before actually adding it to a survey. You can instantly check if a particular question fits your survey.

It was not possible to preview questions with the old builder. It’s been a common feature request, so it’s great to deliver it to you!

question preview

In the Questions subsection, you can duplicate, delete, and add introductions to questions. You’ll also find there the settings default to specific question types. What are these settings? You can make survey questions obligatory, randomize answers, change the number of available answers, and the like.

question settings

Also, you no longer have to hit the ‘Save’ button upon each change in your survey. So, it’s fair to say you can now create email surveys quicker than with the old builder.

The second subsection in the Create tab is Design. This is where you can manage the look and feel of your survey and its corresponding email template.

The Design subsection is further divided into Themes and Email Template.

Under Themes, you can choose from existing designs. Or use custom CSS to create highly customizable themes. These customization options include changing the font, location of buttons, and more.

With the new builder, you can test various survey themes in a single click. Also, you no longer have to jump between the different tabs to preview a survey. Each design change will now appear live on the preview!

survey preview

Any changes you make under Themes will affect how your survey looks in a browser window.

If you’d like to change how your survey looks in an email client, go to Email Template.

To embed a survey in an email, make sure the first question of your survey is one of these four question types:

  • NPS (Net Promoter Score)
  • Smiley Scale
  • Single Answer Selection
  • Welcome Message

There are 2 email templates to choose from: rounded and rounded corners.

You can also change the color of buttons and add a custom logo to deliver personalized surveys.
email survey customization

Unlike with the old builder, you now have more control over how survey templates look in an actual email. It’s been one of the most frequent feature requests, so it’s great to see it shipped!

The last subsection of the Create Tab is Settings. This is where you can remove the Survicate branding, enable navigation, progress bar, or add your logo to a survey’s landing page.

survey experience settings

Configure tab

Use the settings in the Configure tab to:

  • run link surveys in a loop (survey retaking)
  • disable and enable surveys
  • stop a survey on a specific date
  • stop a survey after collecting a specific number of responses

As an example, if you’re looking to display a survey on a mobile device like a tablet, use the Survey retaking option.

It’s also useful if you plan to send the same survey to a single user multiple times.

survey configuration

Don’t want to exceed the desirable cap of survey responses? Introduce a survey responses limit or an end date. Sometimes, for the results to stay relevant, you only need to collect a certain number of survey responses.

setting response limits

Connect tab

Survicate offers a wide selection of over 18 native integrations. Survicate integrates with CRM, Marketing Automation, Collaboration, and Customer Support tools.

Why would you integrate Survicate with the tools you already use? Because it lets you trigger custom workflows based on survey responses!

Below you can find all the tools Survicate integrates with. I know, that’s a long list. However, I wanted you to be aware of all the integrations so you don’t miss out on anything:

If your tool is not on the list, you can always use Zapier or Webhooks to connect custom integrations.

The biggest advantage over the old builder? You can now connect integrations right when creating a survey! You don’t have to switch tabs anymore which makes for a far slicker user experience.

survey integrations

In the Connect tab, you can also enable email notifications. There are three types of email notifications. You can receive email notifications:

  • when a user submits a Contact Form in your survey
  • when a user completes an entire survey
  • when a user gives you a specific response or has specific custom attributes

In the Connect tab, you can send survey responses where you need them most. And act on insights with personalized workflows.

To make things easier, configuring integrations is now outcome-based. There’s no need to perform unnecessary steps.

If you need to send survey responses to an external tool as attributes, just select the Attributes tab. If you want to send survey answers as tags, pick the Tags tab instead.

In other words, you can pick the most convenient option of sending survey data to your favorite tool, set it, and forget it. 🔥

You can learn more about the most popular integration use cases and workflows without leaving Survicate! Each integration has now a description of useful business use cases and screenshots:

descriptions of integrations

Share tab

There are two options to share link and email surveys with your audience. You can do it in the last tab, called Share.

Once your survey is ready, you can share it with your users via a link. Survicate works with over 30 email marketing providers, including Intercom, HubSpot, Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, and more.

sharing a survey

Once you send out a survey link via one of those tools, you can instantly recognize who gave you each answer. You don’t need to ask customers for their contact details. Survicate will recognize your contacts automatically, thanks to the so-called merge tags.

In the old builder, you’d have to jump between tabs to change a survey distribution channel. We’ve improved this based on your feedback!

In the new builder, you can change what tool to send your survey with at any point. Just click the current provider’s icon and pick a different software.

direct survey link

Alternatively, you can embed a survey directly in the email’s body. Your audience will be able to answer the first question of a survey right from the email.

Remember: the fewer clicks for your respondents, the more survey response for you. By embedding a survey in an email, you can achieve completion rats of even 83%!

email embedded survey

Coming up next

Next up, we’ll develop new builders of the Intercom Messenger and Mobile App surveys for you. We’ll be working on those two builders for the next few months.

Once they’re ready, you’ll be able to fully enjoy the improved UX benefits of creating multi-channel surveys with Survicate.

We’ll be sure to keep you posted as we approach the go-live dates of the Intercom Messenger and Mobile App surveys’ builders! 🎉

Nicholas Podgórski

I’m a Product Marketing Manager at Survicate. I love running webinars and doing videos. When not at work, I enjoy listening to regional accents of Britain, working out, and having a sauna. Find me on LinkedIn.

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