Not so long ago you needed to be a programmer to be able to create a website, and right now you may be an 18-year old startupper who purchased a template a week ago and launched his website today. Thanks to the ready-made templates, you may create a website using any platform that you want. Blogging content management systems make it easy to blog, eCommerce CMS make it easy to sell, and HTML templates make it easy to code, without even contacting a single designer. There are dozens of template providers on the Web, and we managed to get one of them interviewed. This is not just an owner of a company, this is a CEO of the oldest template providing company, TemplateMonster. At the times when nobody even knew what Facebook or Twitter was, this company was already up and running, providing templates and satisfying the needs of customers. Welcome David Braun, a TemplateMonster CEO.

Hello David, thank you for being with us today. Please tell us about your company in the shortest way possible.

David: We, a several-hundred team, have been providing people with templates since 2004.

How do your meetings usually go? What did you discuss yesterday at work, for example?

David: That depends on the situation. We either discuss possible solutions of the problems, or possible ideas which may ignite our audience. We discuss creating mascots for our platforms, feedback from our customers, ways of collaboration with our partners. Speaking of being partners, absolutely anyone can collaborate with us via TemplateMonster Affiliate Program.

Yesterday we discussed another multipurpose template which will be released very soon. At the moment, we keep producing multipurpose themes for different platforms which would be so-called screwdrivers. You pay only for 1 theme, but, in fact, you get more than that – you get a possibility to choose between the designs and functionality. For WordPress themes it is Monstroid, for Joomla it is Joomerix, for PrestaShop themes it’s Everprest and so on.


Speaking of problems, what were the hardest times for your company?

David: During these almost 15 years, there were many of them. The issues which were most difficult to overcome were at the very beginning of TemplateMonster history and the other issue was a couple years ago. The first one was caused by absence of rules – back then, in 2004, the Web was a Wild West, many companies were attacked, so were we. We faced DDoS attacks, frauds, blackmailing. Nevertheless, we survived. The second one was 2 years ago, when we lost the track of what our customers needed and started losing our audience with a frightening speed. However, we fixed this problem, too. Mistakes are okay, the bad thing is when you make any, because that means that you don’t do enough.

Why did you choose this name particularly?

David: We had a great designer who was a big fan of monsters. He suggested this name and we accepted it, that’s it.

How did TemplateMonster start?

David: We used to be a web design agency, and at some point, we realized that making templates was a better option.

What is the atmosphere in your company between the employees?

David: We all are one. Anyone who has an idea can suggest it on the meeting. We have a big number of employees who have been working from the very start of the company. We run marathons, at this moment we are gathering a team of volunteers to take part in Bosphorus Cross Continental Swim.

Who is your role model?

David: It’s Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon. I enjoy his approach to the way he does business, he knows how to persuade, how to offer the craziest ideas and how to make them happen.

What are the plans of TemplateMonster for the nearest future?

David: We’re thinking about turning TemplateMonster into a marketplace and, clearly, continue producing multipurpose themes, studying the interests of our customers and developing new ideas which would meet their requirements.

Thank you for your answers. And the last, but not the least, question. What inspires you and how you manage to combine your work and your personal life? As far as I know, you are a proud father of 4 children, a husband, and a drummer.

David: That is true. I don’t separate work from my personal life, luckily, I managed to find this balance between all the aspects of my life. So, I don’t feel uncomfortable, because everything intersects smoothly. What inspires me… Inspiring people with inspiring ideas.

Thank you again for your answers, David. It’s been a pleasure to talk to you.

David: The pleasure was all mine.