We are happy to announce Vero integration. What’s Vero? It’s an email platform with automated workflows and advanced segmentation capabilities. With this integration you can update your Vero Customer profiles with additional information – even those that may be hard to get with a contact form – survey seem anonymous and people are more willing to share their thoughts. Plus your Customers don’t fill out a form every time they visit your website, but they are willing to answer a quick question every now and then.

vero integration - sample widgets

A real-life example of using Survicate’s Vero integration? DocPlanner, a service that allows patients to find physycians and book appoitments online, uses Vero integration to complete profiles of users (more than 8 000 000 users a month use the service to find physycians). DocPlanner is achieving reponse rates of over 55%. Result? detailed data to create even more personalized emails.

Upon responses received with Survicate you can choose to:

  • Tag your Vero Customers based on answers they provide in Survicate surveys. Use it to segment your database better or for sending dedicated campaigns upon receiving survey responses – you can say ‘based on what your user think’.
  • Add additional properties based on answers and use it for better email personalization with merge tags option.
  • Record an event when a Customer answers a question (with details in the event properties).

Utilizing anonymous visits

Often it takes quite a few visits before the visitor turns into Customer and you start sending personalized emails. You can take advantage of that time gap and collect some information from anonymous visitors. Once they convert, Survicate will update Vero profile of your new Customer with tags and properties collected so far. Why not to send the very first email with a twist based on a critical insight you managed to collect already?

Assigning tags

When creating a survey you can tag your responses. Tags within Survicate are used for targeting – you can create visitors’ segments based on responses from different surveys across multiple visits.

With Vero integration, same tags will be tied up to your Vero Customers.

vero integration - creating a survey

Every time a user answer a tagged question, tags will be pushed to his profile.

vero integration - tags

Mapping and pushing properties

If you choose to record your survey responses as Vero Customer properties, you can send them in two forms:

  • Raw – as pairs of ‘question: answer’ – example: ‘What is your favourite drink’: ‘I just love Moutain Dew’
  • Mapped – ‘Drink’: ‘Mountain Dew’ – which should be more comfortable. This can be easily done when you create your question.


vero integration - mapping

We encourage you to try it out – since this is a new integration, Vero users have a 2 month free trial without limits as we want to get feedback to improve it and discover interesting use cases. Vero integration is available on all plans starting from Business. In order to get your extended free trial, create a free account, upgrade to any of premium plans and let us know via Intercom that you want to test the integration. Installation manual is available here. Enjoy!