Hey there. For those of you who are not familiar with Survicate yet let’s begin with a brief explanation what it is. Survicate is a website survey tool that allows you to run surveys and generate leads on your website with smart widgets. Users enjoy our easy-to-use interface and how fast they collect responses. We’ve recently been named a high performer in a report prepared by G2Crowd. Let’s move on to the point – I’ll show you how you can benefit from using Survicate’s Pipedrive integration and give you a few ideas you can use it on your website.

Benefits of using Survicate with Pipedrive

More leads for your sales team

Survicate can help you squeeze more leads from your current website traffic with smart lead forms. Widgets are unobtrusive yet engaging and people simply like them. You can precisely target them to adjust messages to context. This leads to high engagement (for surveys, response rate of 30% is nothing special).

Our customers enjoy up to 6% conversion rate from a website visitor to a prequalified lead. 

widget form

Prequalification of leads

Ask one or a few questions before showing a lead form. A lead will be sent to Pipedrive and you’ll be able to access a full profile in Survicate. Based on received answers, you’re able to prioritize leads and contact them with personalized offers. The choice of prequalifying questions depends on your needs – can vary from a question what a person wants or preferred contact method to the stage in the decision process.

Building visitors’ profiles over time

As you can imagine, not all people are willing to complete a survey and a lead form at once. That’s why you can take it slow. Ask one or two questions during one visit. Next time ask further questions. Show a lead form only when you have enough answers to decide how interesting a lead is. With Survicate, it’s easy to do thanks to the possibility of tagging visitors who gave a certain answer. Steps in the survey can be based on popular sales frameworks like BANT or CHAMP – I bet your sales team will appreciate it.

Less manual work

If you use contact forms embedded into a website or just encourage people to email you then you waste time moving opportunities to the pipeline. With Survicate, collected leads are automatically sent to Pipedrive as Deals or Contacts. On the top of that, you can receive an email every time a person fills out a form to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Enough theory, it’s time for a few practical examples how you can use our Pipedrive integration on your website.

Use cases of Pipedrive integration

Collect leads on a pricing page

When you look into your analytics you’re likely to see that most of the customers come through a certain path on a website. Example: the see the homepage, then go to see features, then pricing and then they sign up or leave. Pricing is often crucial for SaaS companies- visitors are looking for features they need and if they can’t see them right away they might leave. How can Survicate help you solve this problem?

Example: launch Survicate on a page like pricing and ask a question ‘Do you have any questions about our pricing?’. When a person answers ‘Yes’, show a lead form. When a person answers ‘No” then ask a follow-up question if there is anything stopping from registering an account.

Tip: set a time delay to give people some time to read the pricing table. Better user experience and higher response rates.  

Collect leads from active visitors

Some people (including myself) tend to overthink. They browse multiple pages to learn more about your product and company to be able to make an informed choice. On one hand it’s good – when such visitors sign up they are likely to start actually using your product and won’t easily try your competitors. But on the other hand, they might need some additional information from you support or sales team before creating an account or booking a demo. Show them some attention and convert them into leads.

pipedrive integration - help visitors

Tip: use targeting based on time spent on the page or the number of viewed pages.

Collect leads when visitors are about to leave

You won’t help the fact that most of your visitors will not buy nor convert into leads. You can launch retargeting campaigns to bring them back but you can also use the last moment they are on your website to collect their feedback or even convert them into leads.

Tip: use exit intent surveys to do that and set website overlay to make the widget or a form more visible.

Of course, you can combine described techniques. Example: launch survey widget when someone is about to leave your pricing page. We did it ourselves. Collected answers led us to redesigning the pricing page. Testing surveys and experiments provide the best results. Example below:

use pipedrive integration to collect lead on pricing


As you see, Survicate’s Pipedrive integration can help you get more leads without spending a dime on growing site traffic and make managing the sales process easier. So why don’t you create an account to see how Survicate can help you generate and qualify more leads for your hungry sales team?