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Top 10 Product Surveys and Product Survey Questions

I’ve analyzed over 400 surveys created by 81 product people in Survicate. In this blog post, you’ll find inspiration for what product survey questions to ask your users next!

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top10 marketing surveys and marketing survey questions

Top 10 Marketing Surveys and Marketing Survey Questions

I’ve analyzed over 800 surveys created by 96 marketers in Survicate. In this blog post, you’ll find inspiration…

top surveys used by customer support

Top 10 Surveys Used by Customer Support in 2020

I’ve put together a list of the top 10 surveys used by customer support people. The list is…

Top 10 Intercom Surveys Image Image

Top 10 Surveys Used by Intercom Customers

I’ve analyzed survey data from 2000 Intercom customers running surveys with Survicate. The result is a list of…

Emotional branding

What is Emotional Branding? [Example, Benefits, Tips 2021]

Have you ever watched a movie that made you smile, laugh, frown, or cry? The ability of stories to prompt such reactions…

Customer Experience Trends

6 Top Customer Experience Trends for 2021 [From Real CEOs]

Customer Experience (CX) –  a buzzword that’s shaken the marketing world in recent years like no other. CX in the digital era…

Customer Experience

Mastery Customer Experience: Strategy, Metrics, Research

Looking to create a customer experience clients will love and spread the word about to others? Want your product to deliver value…

Customer engagement marketing

How to Boost Customers’ Engagement with Live Chat Triggers

Customer engagement marketing indicates the emotional connection between your brand and your customers. Engaged customers not only tend to buy more but…

Building an MVP

Minimum Viable Product (MVP): Complete Checklist for 2021

A common struggle among many entrepreneurs is unlocking all the potential ways of building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that they could…

A good survey report

How to Write a Complete Survey Report in 2021

Finding ways to encourage a large number of responses to your surveys is an art, but so is analyzing the data in…

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